21 - 01 - 2018
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12 - Halloween Worldwide Joint Giveaway - Over



 happy halloween

   Our Halloween joint giveaway with our friends over at FinalWire is now officially over and the 5 lucky winners each to receive a key for a 2-year AIDA64 Extreme Edition license are:

1) Jeff Morovich
2) Aniket Sengupta
3) Mike Valencia
4) Joe Shepler
5) Leon Cloud 

   Now since this isn't a product you can't really take pictures of it so we don't require either one of you to publish a picture with it. However if you can get creative so people can see you indeed got the license keys then even better. We will be sending your keys in Facebook so please do try to have your messages open. Finally from me and everyone in FinalWire congratulations and remember to spread the word, we really need the extra boost.

   Halloween happens to be one of my favorite celebrations of the year although inside the EU we don't really put the same weight as people in the United States do (and i somewhat envy them/you for that). However a celebration is always a celebration and so we decided to do our part in the entire trick-or-treat activity but instead of candy and chocolate bars we teamed up with our friends over at FinalWire to giveaway five 2 year valid license keys for their widely known AIDA64 synthetic benchmarking suite. As usual in order to participate you need to do three very simple things:


1) Like our Official Facebook Page
2) Like the Official AIDA64 Facebook Page
3) Post under our Halloween Joint Giveaway thread in our Facebook page (should be right beneath the CM Storm Joint Giveaway thread - you can participate there as well if you live inside the USA).

   This giveaway may have started because of the Halloween period but it's open Worldwide (since this is not actually something that needs to get shipped we include the entire solar system) and since we know it's hard for most of you to be above your computers all the time we will keep things simple and so we will announce the names of the 5 lucky winners on the 5th of November. That's all people, have a great Halloween celebration (get plenty of candies and chocolate bars - get our share as well) and remember to spread the word so our little community can grow even more.

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Posted: 5 years 2 months ago by ana3mic #301
ana3mic's Avatar
Congratulation to the winners!
Posted: 5 years 2 months ago by ana3mic #287
ana3mic's Avatar
My last license has expired so I guess I'm in, commented on Facebook B).
Posted: 5 years 2 months ago by chekwabridget #286
chekwabridget's Avatar
done thanks for this :)