21 - 11 - 2017
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13 - Leetgion Worldwide Joint Giveaway - Over





    All good things must come to an end and our so with that today we finish yet another giveaway. Now as some of you are aware we had some bad "luck" with our CMStorm joint giveaway since 2 out of the 3 prize winners failed to come forward to claim their prizes. Because of that we change the maximum time one can claim his prize from almost 1 month to 10 days, that way we can follow the timeframes required from us. So from this moment forward do remember to check our FB page on a daily basis if you don't want someone else walking away with your prize. So without further delay our 3 lucky winners are:

1) Keith Patterson gets the El'Druin Gaming Mouse
2) Gil Yim is the winner of the Hellion/Aegis Bundle
3) Finally the second Hellion Gaming Mouse goes to Craig Be

    That's all people, congratulations and we all hope you put your prizes to good use. However you still need to send us valid shipping addresses and tel. numbers (either in FB or at my This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to arrange shipment of your prizes. Also do remember to post a picture in our FB page once you receive them purely for validation purposes.

    Again congrats and we are counting 2 hours (or so) before we launch our Global even with Silicon Power so stay tuned :)

   In exactly 6 days we will be entering our 8 month of online presence and so to celebrate that event with all of you out there we joined hands with our friends over at Leetgion to launch what might just be one of our most impressive giveaways to date. So the 3 prize winners of our 13th joint giveaway will be walking away with the following:

1) The brand new El'Druin ARPG Gaming Mouse (Not Yet Launched)
2) One Hellion Gaming Mouse along with the Aegis Gaming Pad
3) A Hellion Gaming Mouse 

   This time however since the El'Druin is not yet launched we are introducing a small twist into the giveaway (one many of you have recommended time and again) and so this time over you will need to take a total of 4 very easy steps in order to participate:

1) Like Our Official Facebook Page
2) Like The Official Leetgion Facebook Page
3) Post Under The Joint Giveaway post found at the top (pinned) of Our Facebook Page
4) Share our Joint Giveaway pinned post with your friends (by hitting the share button)

   Now i know that the 4th step may not be something that many of you will like and you all know (at least the ones who have been following our giveaways) that i try my best not only to make things as easy as possible but also to always have 3 prizes instead of 1. However this time over due to the nature of the 1st prize we really need the extra crowd so i truly hope this is not too much to ask from all of you.

   The doors of this giveaway will remain open until the 29th of November and as promised this is also a global giveaway so you can pretty much enter as long as a courier service can reach your place to deliver the prize. So from both us and everyone at Leetgion we wish all of you the best of luck and remember to spread the word.

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Posted: 4 years 11 months ago by geejus #339
geejus's Avatar
Good shot to the winners!
Posted: 4 years 11 months ago by ana3mic #336
ana3mic's Avatar
Congratulations to the winners :)
Posted: 4 years 11 months ago by dav532000 #333
dav532000's Avatar
Congrats guys
Posted: 4 years 11 months ago by dude_gamer #328
dude_gamer's Avatar
Congrats Lucky winners :D
claim it fast otherwise Sam Nicko & dude_gamer Are waiting :P
Posted: 4 years 11 months ago by Sam Nicko #327
Sam Nicko's Avatar
Congrats Winners :)
if you don't claim it...i would be happy to replace you :)
Posted: 4 years 11 months ago by theemilio_crazy #323
theemilio_crazy's Avatar
Posted: 4 years 11 months ago by wyona #321
wyona's Avatar
Going to get all my facebook friends to join this awesome page
Posted: 4 years 11 months ago by limspn #320
limspn's Avatar
Thanks for the competition. I sent over as many friends as I could to help keep your competitions active and growing!
Posted: 5 years 5 days ago by ana3mic #315
ana3mic's Avatar
Thanks for the giveaway :)
Posted: 5 years 6 days ago by xmd5 #314
xmd5's Avatar
done everything, thanks.
Posted: 5 years 6 days ago by genvarev #313
genvarev's Avatar
All done. Awesome prizes! Thanks for the chance!
Posted: 5 years 1 week ago by omegadoom13 #312
omegadoom13's Avatar
Thanks again for another giveaway with awesome prizes!!!
Posted: 5 years 1 week ago by geejus #311
geejus's Avatar
Just great NikKTech and Lettgion,thanks for putting this one out. :)
Posted: 5 years 1 week ago by dude_gamer #310
dude_gamer's Avatar
Awesome Gaming Mouse Giveaway :)
Thanks NikkTech & Leetgion For Worldwide Contest :D
Amazing design the pic explain everything how Comfortable it is.
Posted: 5 years 1 week ago by Sam Nicko #308
Sam Nicko's Avatar
Entered :woohoo:

Another Superb Giveaway by NikkTech :)
Thank you very much Leetgion for being Awesome Sponsored!

"may the El'Druin be with you" or "me":oops:

Best of Luck guys :)

Liked & shared
Posted: 5 years 1 week ago by freedom #307
NikKTech's Avatar
Thanks guys, you know we all try our best to bring you the best prizes possible.
Posted: 5 years 1 week ago by mrcapncaveman #306
mrcapncaveman's Avatar
Super nice, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, All are great prizes
Posted: 5 years 1 week ago by greatgin #305
greatgin's Avatar
Thanks for the chance! The prizes are awesome. 1 Hellion Gaming is more than enough for a prize. Thanks Leetgion and NikkTech!
Posted: 5 years 1 week ago by slugbug55 #304
slugbug55's Avatar
Those look some awesome gaming mice.
Posted: 5 years 1 week ago by fourpixel #303
fourpixel's Avatar
Entered! thanks of the chance Nikktech and Leetgion for sponsoring this giveaway.