20 - 01 - 2018
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Caterpillar REEF D5.163.21.127 Watch

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caterpillar reef yellowa

   It's quite normal for people to check out all the usual and well-known brand names when they are out to purchase a watch either to own for themselves or to give as a gift to someone really close. For example some friends of mine always like to buy Casio G-Shock, Timex and Suunto watches because they consider them as the best for extreme sports and scuba diving due to the durable materials used and extra features like depth meters, barometers, GPS etc. I on the other am always on the lookout for new watch models introduced by Casio, Seiko, Citizen, Sector and quite a few other brands that i happen to respect and trust. However in a market where new players emerge every day it's somewhat important for people like me to keep an open mind and that lesson was taught to us by Caterpillar since it wasn't only until recently that we had a chance to check out one of the latest watch models added to their collection, the REEF.


   For over 80 years, Caterpillar has been building the world’s infrastructure and, in partnership with independent dealers, is driving positive and sustainable change on every continent. Caterpillar is a technology leader and the world's largest maker of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines and industrial gas turbines. Caterpillar develops innovative and new high technology for its products. The same principle is applied to Cat timekeeping equipment lifestyle products. Constructed from the highest quality materials, Cat watches are developed to meet stringent requirements, without compromises. Each Cat watch encompasses cutting edge design and high functionality to offer a solid performance in a variety of active situations. Cat watches offer just the right watch for any man with great emphasis being attached to the casual and powerful design of the watch and the philosophy behind the Caterpillar brand. Caterpillar is synonymous with reliability, durability and cutting edge technology since 1904.


   Much like most of you my first encounter with Cat proucts by Caterpillar was back in the early 90's when two rather huge (and brand new) track loaders passed right next to me while i was going to watch a ball game. Since then I’ve seen countless vehicles carry the name Cat and i also have a friend who owns a large construction company with several track loaders by Caterpillar but that's just about all i knew about that company so when i stumbled across their watch line i was impressed in a good way. Certainly there's nothing similar between a track loader and a watch but when you've build a name and a track record like Caterpillar has i doubt they'd be willing to risk all that by introducing something mediocre in the market and that's what peaked my interest. So today we are taking a look at one of their latest rubber band watches to hit the market called the REEF and more specifically the yellow/black model (D5.163.21.127).


Posted: 4 years 7 months ago by MadChoppa #1020
MadChoppa's Avatar
Wow. Didn't know they make watches. I've heard about their machinery and footwear.
Posted: 4 years 7 months ago by dacul #1009
dacul's Avatar
This is a solid watch. Like their machines.