21 - 11 - 2017
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Casio G-SHOCK GA-110-1AER Watch

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casio gshock ga110a

   Judging by our review and the "out of stock" availability signs on many online stores it seems that the latest EDIFICE line of watches by Casio has taken the market by storm not only because of the high quality materials used and their amazing designs but also (and perhaps mostly) thanks to their very tempting price tags (always compared to the competition). Casio is not a new player so they know that in order to get people to trust and buy their new line (and at the same time become future clients once again) they need to follow an aggressive pricing policy and in the end since that's always a very good thing for consumers one can't really complain. However the EDIFICE line lacks but one thing and that's acknowledgement from the world through many years of history something that the G-SHOCK line of watches by Casio has in abundance since thanks to their amazing toughness they've accompanied people in the harshest possible environments for the past 30 years. Today we will be taking a look at one of the latest G-SHOCK models to hit the market the GA-110-1AER.


      Casio was founded in 1957 with the development of a revolutionary calculator. Casio‚Äôs small, fast calculator greatly increased office efficiency, and before long people had their own personal calculators. Thanks to this technology, it is easy now for anyone to perform calculations, leaving people free to concentrate on creative thinking. Over the years, Casio has developed many other groundbreaking products. Our watches became critical tools for planning and living daily life. Our electronic dictionaries provide a wealth of knowledge in a tiny package. Our electronic musical instruments deliver the joy of playing music for people of all skill levels, and our digital cameras make it easy to turn the excitement of the moment into a precious memory. All of these developments supported people's intellectual creativity, and that is the essence of how we see Casio's role in the world.


   The first G-SHOCK watch was introduced in 1983 and was designed by Kikuro Ibe and Yuichi Maruda led with the dream of creating a watch that never breaks something which at the time wasn't easy. Because of that it took them over 2 years and 200 prototypes to develop the G-Shock watch which would feature their "Triple 10" concept meaning it needed to have a 10-year battery life, 10-bar water resistance and 10-metre dropping shock resistance. 30 years later all G-Shock watches feature more than just the Triple 10 concept including a bezel (100% resin) configuration which prevents the buttons and display from making contact with flat surfaces, extra cushioning material for parts with lower shock-absorption capabilities (such as metal parts, solar panels or radio-controllers) and a urethane resin strap. That's however the base of what all models currently feature and with a product line that has over 100 available models Casio has everyone covered. The GA-110-1AER we have here with us today may not be amongst the most expensive G-Shock models (far from it) but it does carry a surprisingly large number of features including 20 bar/200 meters water resistance, 12/24h time keeping, scratch-resistant mineral glass, automatic calendar that stays accurate forever once you set it, 5 daily alarms, 1m/24h timer, 1/1000s-100h stopwatch, world time with 29 time zones and 48 major cities listed, auto-led for when you are checking the time, Japanese movement and a magnetic resistant housing. Appearance however is something that to many people matters most when choosing a watch (especially an everyday one) so let's take a closer look at the GA-110-1AER.


Posted: 4 years 6 months ago by ispasion22 #907
ispasion22's Avatar
My first G-SHOCK I've had in 1993, was a classic design, very close to the time used by Arnold Schwartzenegger in "Commando".
I always remember this because when Arnold goes to save his daughter on the function switch clock "time left", which I just so I found an explanation. In 1998 I received a blue G-SHOCK with a silicone bracelet material, but in a "shock" meeting with the water for several hours, he failed. I brought back to life after a few days, but I gave it up because it showed signs of "fatigue", so he remained in a box that was laid dust for some time.
Posted: 4 years 6 months ago by Freedom #883
NikKTech's Avatar
Any watch with an 20bar indication is ideal for Scuba diving so yes.
However since this particular watch doesn't have a strong enough LED i wouldn't recommend it for such use.
Posted: 4 years 6 months ago by dacul #844
dacul's Avatar
Looks decent and it has many features.My favorite is the white one."20 bar/200 meters Water Resistance", perfect for scuba diving?