23 - 11 - 2017
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Wolf 15 Piece Watch Box

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wolf 15 boxa

   When we started reviewing watches nearly a year ago we never expected to receive so many possitive comments in our email and Facebook page, especially since we had never done something similar in the past and watches don't really belong in electronics (although they do come pretty close nowadays). Of course because i also happen to like watches a lot and consider them to be pretty much the only jewlery men can wear i was particularly happy to see that many others feel the same as i. However people who happen to own many watches again such as i emailed us asking which watch box we recommend from the vast number of available ones in the market and that actually caught us off guard because lets face it watches can be squeezed in an electronics related review site but a watch box? Still since this is directly related to watches and also because we did promise that we'd do our best to try and deliver reviews of specific products requested by you we started scouting local stores and the net to find the ideal solution. The search ended after a full week when we stumbled accross the 15 Piece Watch Box by Wolf.


   Since 1834, Wolf has crafted a line of elegant jewelry boxes that the company's founder, Philipp Wolf I, used to dramatically boost the sales of his silver products. Before long, he was selling more boxes than silver. Today, the Wolf name is even more renowned for its premier line of watch winders and watch boxes, but continues to design and manufacture great jewelry boxes. Wolf has expanded into a wide variety of fine quality gift items, ranging from portable game sets to leather travel accessories. Collectors of fine watches and jewelry regularly look to Wolf for beautiful and practical storage accessories.


   Watch box manufacturers are widely known mostly to watch collectors and so we just started learning of all of them a couple of months ago when we started searching around to find a watch box that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and had enough space inside for well over 10 watches. The reason we were searching for a watch box capable of storing over 10 pieces was because although the market is filled with countless 4,5,6 and 8 piece watch boxes there aren't that many around designed for over 10 and most of the ones that are available are not really elegant in design and with good enough build quality (some are even low-cost showcase boxes like the ones we see in jewlery stores). The 15 Piece Watch Box by Wolf combines wood with high quality leatherette (almost feels like real leather) and glass to create a really unique house for all your watches and ontop of that it features a small lock so you can rest assured that noone other than you can remove one, at least not when you are around (the box itself is not that heavy). Naturally a closer look is in order so follow us through the next pages to see what Wolf has to offer with their 15 Piece Watch Box.


Posted: 4 years 6 months ago by ispasion22 #871
ispasion22's Avatar
The box is gorgeous, unfortunately I have only three watches purchased.
Even tempt me!...
Posted: 4 years 6 months ago by dacul #854
dacul's Avatar
This watch box is a quality built. I really like it. Since i have only two watches, i'm not going to buy one yet. But you just gave me a good hint for a gift. I have an uncle, he has a nice collection, and i think he will be more than happy to change it with the old watch box. Thanks!