20 - 01 - 2018
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SECTOR Pilot Master R3273679025

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Sector pilot master R3273679025a

     Most of the people i know who wear wristwatches all the time have one or more favorite brands which they always trust when the time comes either to buy a new watch to add to their collection or as a replacement for an old one. Back in 2002 i was out for a stroll when i passed in front of a watch shop which had almost a 3 digit number of models on display (something that was a bit surprising since most watch shops have like 10-20 samples on display). However out of all these watches my eyes fell on a single bracelet one made by an unknown brand to me called SECTOR but due to its somewhat high price tag (at least for me back then) i skipped on buying it. Obviously back then i wasn't that much into watches (especially bracelet ones since it was the leather/rubber era for me) which pretty much explains my ignorance regarding a well-established watch manufacturer like SECTOR. Fast forward 11 years later and today on our test bench we have one of the latest Sector watches to hit the market the Pilot Master R3273679025 (R stands for Racing).


   Sector No Limits was launched in 1973 and has always been closely associated with continuous personal challenges. Its essence is encompassed in 3 keywords: SECTOR NO LIMITS, INDESTRUCTIBLE, ITALIAN DESIGN. During the eighties and nineties, many athletes successfully completed challenges accompanied by Sector No Limits technical and sport watches, achieving together important and unforgettable performance records, combining pure technology to Italian design. These heroes’ feats entered the public imagination, and Sector No Limits became the expression of technical quality and the sporting performance of daring men who defy themselves. Today, Sector No Limits continues to support indestructible athletes who challenge their own abilities in order to overcome and win their own personal challenges. Sector No Limits, therefore, not only represents a trademark that is closely connected to these sportsmen, but also a true style of living for those who love to put themselves to the test and to live in close contact with nature.


   SECTOR designs and manufactures a wide variety of watches so it was somewhat hard for us to decide on which model to test but since we are still into sports and cars and also because we feel that nowadays most people can't afford to spend a large amount of cash for a watch we decided to go with the mainstream Pilot Master R3273679025. SECTOR currently has launched two different versions of the R3273679025 in the market, the sportier version which we have here with us featuring a stainless steel bracelet and a classier one that comes with a brown leather strap. The Pilot Master R3273679025 is equipped with a precise Swiss Quartz chronograph movement and is water resistant up to 100 meters (330ft). Granted at first glance (from the above picture) some of you may not be impressed with the design of the R3273679025 especially after our recent CASIO review but there's more to a watch than just its looks and the award winning Italian Craftsmanship by the team over at SECTOR is one of those things.