21 - 11 - 2017
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CASIO Edifice EF-558D-1AVEF

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casio ef 558da

   Although the market is filled with a large number of watch manufacturers and has been for many decades only one of them has really been with me since my early days in junior high (i think the same applies for many people judging solely from the people i know) and that's none other than the Japanese CASIO and their famous G-Shock watches. I still remember the bulky rugged design of the G-Shock watches and their quite unique features such as temperature reading, world time and that green backlight that made them stand out in the dark. Back then however (roughly 20 years ago) CASIO didn't really have the variety and features/technology they have now in their G-Shock line and they certainly didn't have that many quality bracelet watches like they do now with their somewhat new, impressive and quite successful Edifice line. However since to date i haven't had the opportunity to use one of their new Edifice watches (btw my 1994 G-Shock still works) we decided to check one of their latest best sellers the EF-558D-1AVEF.


   Casio was founded in 1957 with the development of a revolutionary calculator. Casio‚Äôs small, fast calculator greatly increased office efficiency, and before long people had their own personal calculators. Thanks to this technology, it is easy now for anyone to perform calculations, leaving people free to concentrate on creative thinking. Over the years, Casio has developed many other groundbreaking products. Our watches became critical tools for planning and living daily life. Our electronic dictionaries provide a wealth of knowledge in a tiny package. Our electronic musical instruments deliver the joy of playing music for people of all skill levels, and our digital cameras make it easy to turn the excitement of the moment into a precious memory. All of these developments supported people's intellectual creativity, and that is the essence of how we see Casio's role in the world.


   The Edifice EF-558D-1AVEF may not be amongst the top models in the Edifice line (it's actually placed somewhere in between) but it still packs quite a few impressive features so aside just telling you the time/day/date it can also be used as a chronograph, tachymeter and as a stop watch. Specs-wise the entire EF-558D line comes with Japanese Quartz movement, scratch-resistant mineral glass, 10 Bar/100m water resistance and is entirely made by stainless steel. However it's the design of the watch that really steals the show and i really can't describe it so although you all can see the above picture let's take a close look and see exactly what i mean.