18 - 11 - 2017
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INVICTA 12845 Specialty Black Dial Watch

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invicta 12845 specialtya


   As far back as i can remember i always liked wearing a watch and the ones that i wanted to wear most (age thing) were rather large digital ones manufactured by Casio (early G-Shock models). Times change however and so later on i focused on analog watches since naturally these look and feel a lot better on a grown up especially when going out at night (even more on special occasions). Because of that and also because most people i know feel that a watch is just about the only "jewelry" a man has we will be doing quite a few watch related reviews in the following months by some of the largest and most well respected manufacturers in the field. Invicta really needs no introductions if you've been in the market for a new watch at least once in your life and today we will be taking a rather thorough look on one of their entry-level models and more specifically the 12845 Specialty Black Dial Watch.


   Led by innovation and nurtured with the consistency of quality and brand personality, the forward thinking energy of The Invicta Watch Group continues its brazen journey. The long held belief that supremely crafted timepieces can be offered for modest sums is the founding principle of Invicta and that ideology still resides at the core of all Invicta creations. In setting a premise of exceptional standards, Invicta maintains their objective by successfully satisfying consumers and collectors alike at any price point.


   As mentioned already the 12845 Specialty Black Dial Watch is not the highest grade watch manufactured by Invicta and so at first glance it feels a lot like a watch aimed towards people who spend lots of time in the sea (mainly thanks to the diameter of the case and the polyurethane band) and so it may not appeal to people who are after something elegant to go with their night outfit. I too have to agree that the 12845 Specialty watch would not be my 1st choice when going out at night but it could actually be my 2nd one since i do happen to like the large diameter case and the black/red color combination (my favorite actually). However i can't think of a better watch to match daily excursions so whether we are talking about going for a morning coffee, driving with the top down or going hiking the Invicta 12845 Specialty Black Dial Watch is the ideal choice.