18 - 10 - 2017
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COMPRO TN1600P Cloud Network Camera Review

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compro tn 1600pa

   I remember a time when we used to leave the door of our house wide open and the keys of our car in the ignition because we knew and trusted everyone around our neighborhood (ah the good old days). Now things are way different/worse and so many houses near where i live have alarms, security doors and even metal bars on the windows and let’s face it who would want to put their family in danger when they can do something about it? Personally i don't think that bars are needed (not yet anyways) so i believe that a good surveillance/alarm system is more than sufficient to keep your family and possessions safe and that's why i have plans to even install such a system at my vacation house on the mountain just like i have done at both the lab and my home. COMPRO is one of the oldest manufacturers of surveillance equipment and although they may not be the most popular brand out there we've seen their solutions quite a few times in the past so when we were asked if we could test their latest TN1600P Cloud Network Camera we jumped at the chance.


    COMPRO Technology Inc., based in Taipei, Taiwan, has been an innovative leader in the design and development of consumer and industrial imaging application since 1988. Through innovative, reliable products and services, motivated and talented staff, responsible approach to the business, and collaboration with business partners and customers, COMPRO Technology is bringing an exciting new digital lifestyle to make the world a better and safer place to live in imaginative new direction.


   The TN1600P Cloud Network Camera is actually an POE (Power Over Ethernet) compatible outdoor IP camera model featuring an IP66 certified aluminum housing (in short IP66 means it's protected against dust and heavy water/seas), a 2.0 Megapixel CMOS sensor which can record video at a maximum resolution of 1600x1200 @ 15fps (also supports 1280x1024/1280x720/640x480/320x240/160x120p) and a total of 30 IR LEDs which can provide clear night vision for up to 20m (according to Compro that is). Along with the TN1600P model (the line includes the standard TN1600, the TN1600P which we have here today and the TN1600W which also features Wi-Fi connectivity) Compro packs a very useful POE injector which can be used to send power to the camera via the Ethernet cable if you don't happen to own a POE compatible switch (since the camera comes without a DC power connector POE is the only way). Also as the name suggests thanks to the C4Home Cloud service you can access the TN1600P from anywhere around the world through their mobile app or Internet Explorer. Overall it seems that Compro has released a very interesting IP camera but since it's our job not to trust specifications alone time to take a closer look.