20 - 01 - 2018
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Zetta Z15 HD Security Camcorder Review

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   There are several reasons behind why people turn towards surveillance cameras lately the most important of which is keeping an eye for intruders, safeguarding the car, watching over the kids and in some cases even checking to see if their other half is being faithful. However although IP cameras can be used for most of the above usages there are a couple that require a more special and discreet touch. Unfortunately there aren't that many manufacturers out there that offer good quality tiny cameras with acceptable image quality and an assortment of features that can be used strictly for surveillance purposes. Zetta is one of those manufacturers and today we will be taking a thorough look of their latest HD Security Camcorder the Z15.


   Zetta is founded by a group of research engineers specializing in areas from large-scale system integration to embedded system engineering, through the use of advanced digital, wireless and multimedia signal processing technologies. Zetta’s business strategy is to design, develop, manufacture and market electronic products and systems in exceptional quality but yet at affordable low prices. The ultimate objective is to use necessary and minimum materials to create truly great electronic products. We want to enable people over the world to readily experience the happiness and satisfaction of using our products. We are committed to successfully bringing our digital video recorder, DVR, to the world by inheriting the mentality that stresses diligence and teamwork, with the passion for making products and the premium placed on customer service.


   A while back we had the Z12 Intelligent Security Camcorder model on our test bench and although we did like it's small size, battery life, features and all the available settings we could adjust from the Zetta Widget control software in the end it's average recording quality (VGA, 640x480) failed to impress us. This is where the Z15 model comes in since this time over Zetta used new HD lens capable of recording at 1280x720 pixels (720p) and paired them with a better sensor (1.3V/lux-sec) and a higher capacity Lithium-Ion Battery (1200mAh). The second best thing about the Z15 is that it's not really any larger than the Z12 model so it can also be placed pretty much everywhere making it the perfect tool for surveillance use. Or at least that's was our very first thought when we took it out of the package so let's see if our original assessment was correct.