24 - 11 - 2017
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Canary Smart Home Security Device Review

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   Home security systems have increased in number during the past three years so shoppers currently in the market for one have a large number of such devices to choose from including a wide range of security cameras. It goes without saying really but unlike 2-3 years ago most of the available models now offer Full HD 1080p video quality with NV (night vision) mode, one or two way audio (receive/transmit) and a plethora of interesting and useful features including motion sensors, intelligent alerts and even cloud recording for peace of mind. Canary which we have here with us today is one such security camera (among the most popular ones currently) and although it was first announced back in 2013 through an very successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign (where it managed to raise roughly 2 million dollars) it did take almost three years to get released and have some of its initial bugs resolved.

   Everyone has a right to feel safe and secure, and security comes from having the information you want when you want it. It’s the guiding principle behind our work, and reinforces our belief that the best technology makes you smarter, puts you in control, and gives you access to the information you need. That’s why we’re dedicated to developing easy-to-use technology that protects, empowers, and has a meaningful impact on people, families, and their communities. As a company, we are unified by three core values: Information for everyone, Make the world a smaller place and Create lasting impact. We want to make the world a safer place by giving people the information they need to make smart decisions when something is wrong, and helping them feel connected when everything is right.

   One of the first things that caught our eye when Canary was pitched in that Indiegogo campaign was its aluminum/plastic cylindrical body (currently available in white, black or silver) which could practically blend in anywhere you placed it (looked more like a portable speaker than a security camera). Inside that cylindrical body Canary squeezed a Full HD 1080p night-vision camera that features an 147-degree field of view (wide-angle lens), motion sensor, ambient sensors (light, temperature, humidity and air quality), 3-axis accelerometer, high-quality microphone, 90+ dB panic siren, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi radio (802.11 b/g/n), RJ45 Ethernet port and a status LED ring (green for when the device is armed, yellow when disarmed and white when starting up). In terms of cloud storage (recording with AES-256bit data encryption) by default Canary gives you 24 hours of video history (that drops depending on how many Canary devices you have) but for more demanding users they give up to 30 days of recorded video history (will also reimburse your insurance in case of theft with up to USD1000) with a monthly fee of USD9.99. Time for us to see whether or not the Canary is well worth a place in your home or office.