20 - 01 - 2018
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KGUARD MARS Home MH-4140 NVR Security System Review

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   Do you and your family feel safe nowadays? This is a question i find asking myself very often lately and judging by what's happening around me i don't really feel very confident. I mean last year alone where i live we've had 4 armed robberies and although I’m certain that in some places this is nothing still where i live we haven't had anything similar for well over 3 decades so this feels extremely weird to all of us. That being said doing nothing is obviously not the way to go so people seem to pay much more attention now when it comes to their safety so more and more where i live have chosen to install security systems such as home alarms and cameras kits over the past year or so. Today we will be focusing this review around one of the latest NVR Security Systems by KGUARD, the MARS Home Series MH-4140.

   Established in 2003, KGUARD Security is a daughter company of KWorld Computer Group, a leading corporation in the worldwide digital entertainment industry. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan with a strong and innovative R&D team, KGUARD’s cutting-edge security products are well-received by customers from more than 60 countries. We offer a wide range of video surveillance solutions, such as DIY Home Security ComboKits, standalone DVRs, CCTV cameras, other surveillance software and our unique KView Series for remote monitoring. With a unique focus on product compatibility and stability, KGUARD has shown a tremendous success in US, EMEA, Latin America, Australia and Southeast Asia.

   The MARS Home Series MH-4140 NVR Security System consists out of one compact 4-channel, single-drive (SATA up to 4TB in capacity) PoC (Power Over Cable) network video recorder and 4 high definition 1280x720p (720p) IP66 certified (enclosure protects the interior against dust and water) IP cameras. Since the recorder bundled with the kit is an NVR model that means aside the typical HDMI and VGA video outputs (Full HD 1080p) which you can use with your TV and TFT screens you can also connect it with your local network via RJ45 Ethernet connection. All 4 bundled cameras feature 1/3 CMOS sensors with IR cut filters but are not identical since for good or bad KGUARD decided on using two different pair models in order to cover different needs. So although the two primary models feature 3.6mm fixed lens with a horizontal viewing angle of 75 degrees, built-in microphones and a night vision LED range of 20m the other two wear 6mm fixed lens that give them a horizontal viewing angle of 45 degrees and a night vision LED range of 30m (no microphone is present on the 2nd camera type). We too are a bit skeptical regarding their choice of IP cameras I’m not about to lie to all of you but what we care mostly is the end result so let’s see if the MARS Home MH-4140 NVR Security Kit can help you sleep a little bit better at night.