20 - 01 - 2018
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devolo DLAN1200+ PowerLine LAN Starter Kit Review

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   Just like with most things in the electronics industry wireless technology keeps getting better and better (both in terms of coverage and signal strength) and we see that each time we test a brand new router and/or modem-router. However we also need to face facts and so although Wi-Fi is now able to cover many rooms and even more than just one floor it's really not suitable for every single case and this is where powerline adapters have found their way in people's houses. Certainly using the electrical grid of a structure (power lines) as the means to transfer data may not be nearly as efficient as using regular Ethernet cables but the resulting speeds are usually higher and more stable than what Wi-Fi can offer (always when distance from the router is an issue). Devolo is among the most popular brands in the market working on powerline solutions and recently they sent over their latest DLAN1200+ Starter Kit for us to test.

   devolo AG is the leading European company on the market in Powerline communication solutions. The company's core product is dLAN®, a technology that allows flexible networks over existing wiring such as electrical and coaxial lines. Powerline solutions are employed in private households as well as commercial environments and they lead the way in future-oriented energy data distribution and home automation. devolo invests its development resources into improving dLAN® technology through its own patented solutions. The globally operating company has been the world market leader in the Powerline segment since 2009. Numerous top-product test reviews and awards, not to mention over 28 million sold adapters, demonstrate devolo's success. Through sustainable market practices, devolo upholds its responsibility to customers, employees and the environment.

   As clearly stated by the name of the product the DLAN1200+ is yet another HomePlug AV2 compatible powerline adapter capable of data transfers speeds of up to 1200Mbps (1000Mbps effective via the built-in RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port). The DLAN1200+ also features devolo’s range+ technology for increased range, automatic AES-128bit encryption for increased data protection, PowerSave mode for minimal energy/electrical consumption, automatic phase shift for easier transfer of the 2nd powerline in any room and an integrated electrical socket with child protection. Unfortunately this particular powerline adapter doesn't also feature Wi-Fi connectivity (devolo makes some of those too) but regardless it will be interesting to see how their latest wired model does against some of its latest "opponents" in the market.