23 - 10 - 2017
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D-Link Powerline AV2 1000 HD Gigabit Passthrough Starter Kit Review

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dlink av2 1000 dhp p601ava

   As we all know manufacturers all around the world keep researching ways to amplify/boost wireless connectivity via the introduction of new hardware and standards but for people who place performance and data security above all else (versatility due to the lack of wires mostly) wired connectivity will probably always be the one at the top. Unfortunately although the design of new buildings all around the world includes wall channels for the installation of CAT5-7 cabling making it extremely easy for people to setup a local area network the same doesn't apply for older buildings and that's where powerline adapters come in. D-Link is considered to be amongst the top Network manufacturers in the world for almost two decades now and although it did take us a while to get our hands on their latest powerline kit to see just how it compares against similar models released by the other leading manufacturers it's finally here.

   D-Link helps you connect to more of everything with our innovative approach to computer networking. From relatively modest beginnings in Taiwan the company has grown over the last 29 years into an exciting global brand offering the latest network solutions. Whether it is for the home consumer, business or service provider we pride ourselves on offering award winning networking products and services. We will continue to lead the way in building networks for people around the world.

   We were send the Powerline AV2 1000 HD Gigabit passthrough starter kit (DHP-P601AV) by D-Link and as the name clearly states it contains two 1GbE (1000Mbps) Homeplug AV2 compatible powerline adapters. These powerline adapters feature MIMO technology (multiple-input and multiple-output), passthrough electrical socket (so you basically don't lose the wall socket by using these adapters), 128-bit AES encryption (useful primarily in office buildings), single RJ45 Ethernet port and require up to 3.7W each during use. Much like most other manufacturers D-Link advertises the AV2 1000 adapters as ideal for HD video streaming, lag-free gaming and VoIP calls so let's find out just how fast this kit really is.