21 - 11 - 2017
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AVM FRITZ!Powerline 1000E Set Review

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avm fritzpowerline 1000ea

   Much like the never ending Intel VS AMD and NVIDIA VS ATI/AMD disagreements there's no visible end to the wired/wireless discussions that emerge all the time both online and live. As for me well most of you know by now that i always prefer wired connectivity when possible so i hardly ever use WiFi while at home or at the office (not if i can help it anyways) so i do everything either via regular cables (which i make sure are not easily seen) or by using powerline adapters. Using cables however (especially in plain sight) is not for everyone and certainly not for most houses so the obvious and lowest-cost course of action for casual users is to use WiFi. Still Powerline adapters are gaining momentum since people are beginning to realize that WiFi although very practical while on the go or away from home is not the best and only solution out there for a variety of reasons. AVM may not be one of the most recognized names in the industry but their FRITZ! line of network products is and today with us we have the latest FRITZ!Powerline 1000E Set.

   AVM offers a wide range of products for high-speed broadband connectivity and smart home networking. With the FRITZ! product family, AVM is a leading manufacturer of broadband devices for ADSL, cable, and LTE as well as Smart Home products for wireless LAN, DECT, and Powerline in Germany and Europe. The FRITZ!Box is the best known brand for wireless routers in Germany. In 2014 the communications specialist had 500 employees and generated a turnover of 340 million euros. Founded in Berlin in 1986, from the outset the company has focused on developing its own secure, innovative products for broadband connections. FRITZ! stands for fast Internet, the networked home and convenient telephony. Millions of satisfied customers and hundreds of award-winning products confirm AVM’s commitment to high-quality FRITZ! products and first-class customer service.

   Even without testing the FRITZ!Powerline 1000E Set we know that it's one of the fastest powerline adapter models in the market currently simply because it supports the latest 1Gbe standard for such devices (to be precise this model supports speeds up to 1200Mbit/s) which is over twice as fast as the previous generation 500Mbit/s models (twice as the 600Mbit/s ones). The FRITZ!Powerline 1000E Set also features AES-128bit link encryption and key management (ensures that no one can access your data), MiMo technology, IPv6 support, QoS (Quality Of Service), low-energy consumption (1W idle and up to 3W load) and it also fully supports previous generation Powerline adapters (100/500/200Mbit/s). Granted such solutions still can't compete with a regular wired connection but for houses and offices without preinstalled CAT Ethernet cables these new faster and more feature-rich models should offer a good alternative.