18 - 01 - 2018
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Fnatic GEAR CLUTCH G1 Optical Mouse Review

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   Peripherals like keyboards, mice and headsets are perhaps the only devices we get to swap/replace quite often some of us once or twice a year while others just every few months (well ok headsets perhaps not so much). Now although replacing a keyboard or a headset is quite easy the same can't be said about a mouse since due to its shape, size and performance it might be quite hard to use another model. Take me for example, I’ve been using finger-grip gaming mice like the SteelSeries Sensei (Wireless/RAW/MLG) and the Zowie FK1 for as long as i can remember (quite normal for someone who grew up using Microsoft ball and Intellimouse models) so whenever something different (palm/claw-grip) lands onto my desk it takes me a while to get used to it. Fnatic has been in the business of eSports for a long time and thus they know very well what most gamers are looking for so when we received their CLUTCH G1 Optical Mouse i was very curious to see if my hands would feel right at home when testing it.

   After 11 years of blood, sweat, and broken gear… we know what makes great Esports hardware. No flashy green lights will get you a Pentakill. No fan on a mouse will help you hit a headshot. Esports gear is about simplicity, comfort, and reliability - it’s exactly what you need to perform and nothing else. That's why we launched Fnatic Gear, professional grade equipment designed by one of the world’s best esports teams. After acquiring the Swedish brand Func, we’ve been working closely with our acquired development team building and refining our initial products. We wanted to make sure we released with a range of products good enough for our players, and therefore good enough for you. Now, we’re ready to show off all four products, the all new Flick, the refined Rush keyboard and the range of mousepads.

   Once again under the hood of the CLUTCH G1 Optical Mouse by Fnatic we find the quite popular Pixart PMW3310 IR LED sensor which features a resolution of up to 5000 DPI/CPI (dots per inch/counts per inch), speed of up to 130IPS (inches per second), acceleration of up to 30G and up to 6500 FPS (frames per second). The CLUTCH G1 also features a total of 7 buttons, OMRON micro switches for the two primary buttons (D2FC-F-7N model), 8-bit RISC architecture microcontroller (Holtek HT68FB560 model), 256kb of onboard memory (for storing of the three available profiles), RGB 16.8M color LED illumination (scroll wheel) and a rubber coating (soft touch finish) for optimal grip. Overall the CLUTCH G1 seems to be yet another excellent choice for right handed people who have used similarly designed gaming mice in the past so time to take a closer look and see for ourselves.