20 - 11 - 2017
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Dream Machines DM1 PRO S Optical Gaming Mouse Review

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dream machines dm1 pro sa 

   People taking their very first steps in the world of PCs may not be aware of this but input devices are the most important peripherals even more so than speakers and headsets. Personally i think that the mouse is even more important/crucial than the keyboard mainly because we all survived with low-cost membrane models back in the day and many do even now so although a mechanical model can indeed improve typing and should last a long longer it's not going to make a huge impact for casual users. Still just like the keyboard the mouse has undergone several changes over the years both in terms of design/shape and features/specifications and these are more than enough to usually complicate things for some people. Dream Machines is one of the newest players in the gaming peripherals market (more specifically the gaming mice market) and today we’re taking a look at their latest and best to date DM1 PRO S Optical Gaming Mouse.

   Dream Machines specializes in providing the best solutions for gamers. We wanted to create something that would fulfill the needs of even the most demanding players. Many gamers cannot reach their potential as they a limited by hardware, such as a slow processor or weak graphics card. Our computers make sure that each gamer can reach his or her highest abilities, by offering our customers the most advanced equipment available on the market. Dream Machines is working with the top designers, experts, and manufacturers from around the world. Dream Machines only uses the highest quality components dedicated for games, which create a completely surreal experience. We put great emphasis on quality and are always open to customer feedback as we will continue to improve as new technologies become available. Rise above the rest and to the best of your abilities! Stand out from the group playing the best you can. Reach your dreams as the future of gaming lies within Dream Machines!

   For the DM1 PRO S Optical Gaming Mouse Dream Machines has used the very same and actually extremely successful ambidextrous shape as several other brands before them like SteelSeries and their Xai/Sensei/Kinzu/Kana lines, Zowie with their FK1 model and QPAD with their DX-20 Pro model (to name a few). Under the hood of the DM1 PRO S we find OMRON switches for the 3 primary buttons (20 million clicks lifespan) and the very popular PixArt PMW3360 IR LED sensor which features no inherent acceleration with zero cursor prediction, 1.8/2.0mm LOD (lift off distance), 7.0m/s max speed and a maximum DPI of 12.000. Dream Machines made the DM1 PRO S completely driverless but thanks to 6 available presets (400/800/1600/2400/4800/12,000) you can control both the DPI and the LED color (each color is "tied" to one of the presets). Finally the DM1 PRO S is currently available with a glossy enclosure which looks great (our sample) and a rubber coated one which should provide slightly better grip. Although this is the first gaming mouse we’ve received by Dream Machines it's actually their 3rd attempt in the market so let's see just what they have to offer to gamers all over the world.