20 - 01 - 2018
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OZONE Argon Ocelote World Laser Gaming Mouse Review

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   I don't know how many of you reading these lines had the chance to play the original UFO Enemy Unknown turn-based squad strategy game by MicroProse back in 1994 and its sequel X-COM Terror From The Deep in 1995 (again by MicroProse) but these are still two of my all-time classic games to ever hit the PC (right next to Wing Commander). Now the reason I’m even mentioning this is because by the time this review gets published online Firaxis Games should be less than a week away from launching their highly anticipated XCOM 2 game (sequel to their XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within games) and thus aside looking forward to spending a few days with it at launch is there a better way than to welcome it by throwing some of the latest gaming mice at it? So today on our test bench we have the latest gaming mouse to rollout from the OZONE factory wearing the OCELOT World colors the ARGON.

   OZONE Gaming Gear, is an European brand of gaming peripherals that revolves around the concept “It’s all about Evolution”. OZONE is a brand created by and for gamers, the evolution is part of our gaming life, we all want to improve and evolve into a better gaming contender. OZONE is committed to the development, engineering and evolution of innovative gaming peripherals with a unique style and the best performance, to allow gamers to exceed their limits and become the best. It’s all about evolution. In the recent years the gaming industry has developed into the ultra-competitive arena that we see today, and the gamers have also developed into a more demanding, sophisticated and exigent consumer. There is an ever increasing demand for better design, increase number of functions and higher performances. Due to the development of newer and better gaming peripherals, the market has suffered a transformation. New segments of high performance gaming accessories have grown to become more specialized and subdivided. But this change in the market has also come accompanied of an increase in the price levels of those products. OZONE provides customers a wide range of gaming peripherals. Everyone from the occasional user to the professional gamer is ensured to find a OZONE product at a reasonable price which will fit their requirements to enjoy their favorite games.

   The ARGON OCELOTE World laser gaming mouse by OZONE was designed to accompany their BLAST OCELOTE World gaming headset which we reviewed a while ago so naturally it also shares the same black and orange color theme we liked so much. Under the hood of the ARGON we once again see the very popular and award winning ADNS-9800 laser sensor by Pixart (8200DPI/12000FPS/150IPS/30G) along with Omron micro-switches for the primary buttons (those feature a lifecycle of up to 20 million clicks). The ARGON is also one of the very few ambidextrous models in the market and also features a total of 9 fully programmable buttons, 128Kb of onboard memory (used to store its 5 profiles), 1000Hz polling rate and a weight adjustment system (18g extra).