23 - 11 - 2017
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SteelSeries WOW Wireless MMO Mouse Review

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   If you enjoy playing all the latest PC game titles like we do you should be very well aware that pretty much all serious gaming mice in the market currently are corded ones with very few exceptions such as the R.A.T.9 wireless gaming mouse by Mad Catz. Still since more and more people are looking to ditch the limitations of that extra cable by purchasing a wireless gaming mouse it's only natural for gaming peripherals manufacturers to follow close and offer such products. SteelSeries hasn't really focused in wireless gaming mice in the past since their main target group is hardcore gamers and professionals who much like i prefer wired gaming mice over wireless ones. Still a manufacturer of their caliber couldn't stand back and watch from the sidelines so with their latest World of Warcraft wireless MMO mouse (mists of pandaria version) they are aiming at one of the largest segments of the market, Warcraft fans.


   From day one, SteelSeries has been focused on making professional gaming gear that provide meaningful benefits to gamers of all skill-level, with the most demanding being those gamers whose lively hood depends on the performance of our products. We believe, as most gamers do, in winning, not trying! What originally began as a small two-person operation in Copenhagen back in 2001 has become a global leader in professional gaming products. SteelSeries recognized the need for superior, high-quality professional gaming gear that would give players a competitive edge. Fast-forward to today, and we've come a long way since our first glass mousepad. We have global offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, providing an integrated portfolio of products designed specifically for gaming. Fueling our growth is you, the gamer!


   My first contact with Warcraft saga was with the original 2D Warcraft RTS (MS-DOS game) back in late 1994 which was pretty much the only game i played (single and LAN) up until the moment Westwood Studios released the original Command And Conquer in late 1995 (we may see the free to play reboot by Victory Games by the end of the year). Since then based on the very good success of the original Warcraft Blizzard Entertainment has released several sequels including Warcraft II/III RTS and the massive online MMO called World Of Warcraft along with several expansion packs for all of them. SteelSeries has cooperated many times with Blizzard in the past to design their StarCraft, Diablo and Warcraft branded product lines but the WOW wireless MMO mouse is actually the very first wireless gaming mouse in all three so naturally we were quite skeptical when it got announced roughly a year ago. The design of the WOW wireless MMO mouse however is not new and so SteelSeries used the same housing as the one they did in the past with their WOW Legendary MMO Gaming mouse. As expected the on board laser sensor is massively different/improved and with numbers like 8200CPI/12000FPS/150IPS/30G it should be ideal even for fast pashed FPS games and not just RTS/MMO ones (as opposed to the 3200CPI/3600FPS/130IPS/30G of the Legendary version) something which we will find out soon.