21 - 11 - 2017
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Mad Catz M.O.U.S.9 Wireless Mouse Review

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   A nice looking, feature rich and wireless compact mouse is one of the things i always wanted to "marry" with my notebook but to date i haven't been able to find the ideal one. Microsoft and Logitech have released quite a few (some of which with good specifications) but none of those actually peaked my interest (nor caught my eye for that matter), at least not enough for me to actually pack one of them with my primary Toshiba Qosmio notebook. I did consider using the excellent wireless R.A.T.9 by Mad Catz a while ago but its size along with the external battery charging bay were a bit too much for use with a notebook. Well it seems that Mad Catz also thinks the same way as i and so they just launched the M.O.U.S.9 Wireless Bluetooth Mouse which looks a lot like the R.A.T.9 but takes less space, is more battery efficient and is much lighter.


   Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. (“Mad Catz”) (NYSE MKT: MCZ) is a global provider of innovative interactive entertainment products marketed under its Mad Catz® (gaming), Tritton® (audio), and Saitek® (simulation) brands. Mad Catz also develops flight simulation software through its internal ThunderHawk Studios™; operates flight simulation centers under its Saitek brand; publishes games under its Mad Catz brand; and distributes games and videogame products for third parties. Mad Catz distributes its products through most leading retailers offering interactive entertainment products and has offices in North America, Europe and Asia. For additional information please go to www.madcatz.com.


   Compared with what Mad Catz has gotten used to us in the past with their quite famous and award-winning R.A.T. line of gaming mice the M.O.U.S.9 comes carrying a very strange set of specifications including an 990DPI Avago 8020 laser sensor with an acceleration of up to 8G's that can work virtually on any surface including glass, a polling rate of 125MHz, 10 programmable buttons, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and an adjustable palm rest. Now the main reason as to why i called it a strange set of specifications is because we usually only see such rather low DPI speeds with regular everyday mice so the first thought that came to mind was that this was done to make the device more power efficient and also because it was ment to be used with notebooks and not desktop computers. That would also explain the reason as to why Mad Catz decided to name this device differently than all their other mice to date (although in the end both names have the same meaning). In the end what matters most is how well all these specifications and features come together and that's what we are going to find out.


Posted: 4 years 6 months ago by najiro #968
najiro's Avatar
Looks cool and totally appealing but I have a few concerns about mice with this kind of style... cleaning it would be harder wherein smudges do to the gap and tight corners. I might also have a problem getting used to it.. I would prefer a SteelSeries Sensei mice.. Anyway, I think mice preference is a personal choice. I just think I will surely have a problem using this mice considering the nature of my work wherein it beats FPS games all together.. I simply need something lightweight and fast!
Posted: 4 years 6 months ago by MadChoppa #962
MadChoppa's Avatar
Yep, price is a quite con(did anyone noticed that almost all gaming mobile mice are pretty expensive in comparison to regular gaming ones?), and no info about right button issue(seems widespread among R.A.T 5, my brother still have one), hope Mad Catz already fixed it.
Posted: 4 years 6 months ago by ispasion22 #949
ispasion22's Avatar
It's spectacular as any Mad Catz, but it seems too rushed to take him out, it's pretty atypical.
Posted: 4 years 6 months ago by dacul #947
dacul's Avatar
Looks great, some good specs, solid build...But to be honest with those money i could find a better mouse.