25 - 02 - 2018
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Ozone Strike Pro Spectra Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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   There are currently two "factions" in the PC gaming community, the ones who love RGB peripherals and consider them to be a must and the ones who think that they are nothing really special and thus stick to single color models. Now we really do enjoy working with and using RGB "capable" peripherals and PC cases but the truth of the matter is that leaving out that specific feature there are many single color peripherals in the market right now which are just as good or in many cases even better. Still our job is to find the most "interesting" gaming peripherals currently available in the market and since there's really no doubt that RGB LED illumination is very popular as we speak todays review is about the Strike Pro Spectra Mechanical Gaming Keyboard by our friends over at Ozone Gaming.

   Ozone Gaming was founded in Spain in 2009, our mission was to create a company where we could all enjoy and relish our work. Our own space, a gaming environment from where we could show our particular point of view to the rest of the world. We love videogames, we love to experience other lives, conquer other planets and fight against hard opponents. We wanted to live like this for all the days to come. We made it, our company shares passion and love for what we do. We have fulfilled our most desirable dream. Oh, in case that you didn't notice, we craft gaming products to share our passion with you. And here we are, soldiers of the game. Get to know us.

   The Strike Pro Spectra Gaming Keyboard is currently available both in 104 and 105 key versions with Cherry MX red, black, blue and brown mechanical switches that feature gold plated contacts and are rated for well over 50 million operations. As its name clearly states the Strike Pro Spectra has RGB (16.8 million) lighting for its keys with 7 different effects, 4 brightness levels and individual key illumination (custom color maps) but that's not all since it also features NKRO (N-Key rollover / full anti-ghosting), USB 2.0 passthrough with audio inputs (headphones and microphone 3.5mm ports), 64kb of onboard memory for storing up to 5 profiles, up to 30 macro commands/keys (6 per profile - infinite number via software), metal plate for increased durability, soft rubber coating and a intergrated/fixed wrist rest. The Strike Pro Spectra sure does sound interesting so let's check it out.