17 - 12 - 2017
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AZiO MK Retro Typewriter Mechanical Keyboard Review

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   It's safe to assume that most of us never had the chance to really use a classic typewriter but how many times have we seen others do so either from up close or on the big screen and have had their unique (annoying to some) sound stuck in our minds? Personally i had the pleasure of using a "vintage" underwood manual typewriter back in the late 80's and although i wasn't even 8 years old then and didn't pay too much attention i still remember the mechanical sound of its keys. Fast forward almost 3 decades later and although typewriters are still considered to be vintage collectible items gaming peripherals manufacturers have in a sense brought them back by releasing mechanical keyboards that feature key caps and tactile/clicky switches which aim to deliver at least part of the experience when using a typewriter. Today’s review is of course about the quite interesting MK Retro typewriter mechanical keyboard by AZiO.

   Azio Corp. is a manufacturer dedicated to providing innovative tech gear to make everyday life more engaging and fun. We believe that design has the power to alter not only perceptions, but also emotions. Through superior design, we are driven to provide a better experience for people of all ages from all walks of life, no matter what your hobby, profession, or need may be. Technology can simplify complicated things, or complicate simple things. Our design goal is to create cutting-edge products that are intuitively easy to use, provide maximum comfort, and leave a minimal environmental footprint. Through the use of color, material, and finish, we strive to design our products with the perfect blend of elegance and ferocity. Our brand, Azio®, is an acronym for "A to Z, Input-Output". This reflects the core of our business as a manufacturer of computer and electronic peripherals. The Azio brand logo employs a simple, geometric typeface to resemble solidity, efficiency and forwardness. This simplicity and cleanliness avoids all decorative and nonessential elements to demonstrate that Azio aims to only offer succinct products that have the optimum balance between aesthetics and functionality.

   The MK Retro typewriter mechanical keyboard by AZiO focuses solely in bringing back memories from the past so if you were expecting backlight RGB illumination, extra macro keys, detachable wrist rests and other features found in today’s gaming keyboards you will probably be disappointed (although AZiO is about to revamp the MK Retro with illumination for its keys). What you are getting however is a keyboard that features a water and dust resistant elegant housing with pillar style feet, handcrafted round key caps, tactile/clicky mechanical switches developed by AZiO themselves (OARMY Olive - 50 million clicks - probably made by Kailh) and 6-key/NK rollover. Before we move on with our review this list may indeed sound a bit lacking but let’s not forget that the target audience of the MK Retro typewriter mechanical keyboard is not gamers.