18 - 01 - 2018
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COUGAR Attack X3 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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cougar attack x3 rgba

     RGB mechanical keyboards have managed to become very popular and in a very short time especially among gamers so it's no wonder that more and more gaming peripheral manufacturers join the race with new and sometimes quite innovative RGB products. RGB illumination however although quite important to some people it's really not the most important aspect of a mechanical keyboard and we're obviously talking about the type of switches used. Now although some manufacturers turn towards Kailh, Gateron and Outemu for their mechanical switches some keep using Cherry MX ones not only because Cherry was the very first manufacturer of mechanical switches (and thus arguably the one with the most durable models) but also because the majority of consumers seem to favor them when looking for a brand new mechanical gaming keyboard. Not too long ago COUGAR released the Attack X3 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with its "genuine" Cherry MX mechanical switches as it main feature and since it became quite successful COUGAR decided to equip it with RGB illumination and launch it once again.

   COUGAR products are designed by COUGAR GERMANY, a professional R&D engineering team and COUGAR is part of the “HEC/COMPUCASE” Group. The unique combination of the world-famous German skills of designing the best products worldwide and HEC/s power and long-time experience to produce the best high quality products created innovative masterpieces in PSU history. The PC upgrading and DIY market is changing rapidly and is growing more and more. Professional user are asking for more than only stable and silent PSU/s, they want efficient and energy saving products without compromises in quality. COUGAR GERMANY created such products! COUGAR GERMANY combines the features of innovation and evolution to create efficient, powerful and unique products like “COUGAR POWER”. The purpose of COUGAR GERMANY is the satisfaction of the customer, reaching it by creating most valuable, advanced products. COUGAR – YOUR POWER!

   Just like the original Attack X3 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard the RGB version is also available with black, red, brown and blue Cherry MX mechanical switches (up to 50 million keystrokes). It also features the same brushed aluminum face-plate along with N-Key rollover (USB connection), anti-slip rubber feet, 1000Hz polling rate (1ms response time), on-board memory (can store up to 3 full configuration profiles) and 30 macros via its 10 programmable keys. This time however thanks to its RGB backlight illumination not only does it come ready with a total of 9 preset lighting effects but you can also create your very own via COUGAR's UIX control software. So the time has come for us to check and see just how well the new Attack X3 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard by COUGAR does in a sea of feature-rich RGB illuminated keyboards.