18 - 10 - 2017
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Corsair K70 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review

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corsair k70 rgba    NVIDIA finally unveiled their latest GeForce GTX 1080 and 1070 graphics cards based on innovative latest Pascalâ„¢ architecture (still can't believe that this monster uses just one power connector) so as it is typical after such launch events we expect many gamers, enthusiasts and professionals to gear up with one or more of these cards soon after their appearance in the market (especially since they will cost less) by NVIDIA partners. Upgrading your gaming rig however takes more than just a brand new graphics card so once again we are tasked with performing even more reviews of gaming peripherals and that goes double for mechanical gaming keyboards since you all seem to enjoy reading about them. Corsair recently released the K70 RGB Mechanical Keyboard with the brand new Cherry MX Speed switches but since we've been wanting to test the model with Cherry MX Red (50 million keystrokes and 45g actuation force) for quite some time now we decided to start with that.

   Founded in 1994, Corsair supplies high-performance products purchased primarily by PC gaming enthusiasts who build their own PCs or buy pre-assembled customized systems. The company's award-winning products include DDR3 and DDR4 memory upgrades, computer cases, PC cooling products, gaming headsets, gaming keyboards, gaming mice, power supply units, USB flash drives, solid-state drives and system monitoring and control devices.

   The K70 RGB has been around for roughly 2 years now (our sample is one of the latest Gen.3 ones) and is the successor to the even older and popular Vengeance K70 mechanical keyboard and although it shares many features with its predecessor including the same black aircraft-grade anodized-aluminum deck, dedicated media controls and a detachable full-length wrist rest as clearly stated by its name it also offers per-key adjustable full RGB illumination. You can also assign macro commands on any of the keys (no dedicated ones like the K90/K95 models) while in terms of specifications once again we have a 1000Hz polling rate (1000/500/250/125Hz), 100% anti-ghosting and 104-Key rollover. Unfortunately unlike the original Vengeance K70 however the K70 RGB doesn't feature a rear built-in USB pass-through (although it still takes up two USB ports due to the extra power needed for the onboard ARM CPU and memory). The K70 has already won countless awards around the globe so we know it has to be good but the time has finally come for us to see for ourselves.