18 - 10 - 2017
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Rantopad MXX Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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   Although space on my desk has always been a serious issue (much more since i started doing reviews) I’ve always used full sized keyboards since i just can't seem to let go of the numpad keys. You see i happen to use the numpad keys quite often for calculations and even in some games so i may never jump onto the tenkeyless wagon, at least not for my primary test rig. Of course as many of you are aware until recently the only tenkeyless keyboard models in the market were just as plain as all the low-cost membrane models out there so if you wanted one with bells and whistles on it or even mechanical switches well you'd be out of luck. Recently however not only have we seen many manufacturers up the build quality of tenkeyless models by adding mechanical switches (either from Cherry and Kailh or their very own) but some of them have also improved on features. Rantopad is a very new player in the market but since it seems that quite a few of you out there have taken interest in their latest MXX tenkeyless mechanical gaming keyboard we decided to check it out.

   Shenzhen Sake Trading Co. Ltd. was established in April 2004. With about $15,000 worth of registered capital, our main business engaged in computer peripheral product distribution, Rantopad brand promotion, and operations. Our company headquarters and warehouse were located in the Futian district of Shenzhen city. In 2006, an overseas division was established in Hong Kong. Intellectual property rights are very important to us. For this reason, we pay attention to the nature of developing our own brand and technology through our Research and Design division, and set an example by personally safeguarding legitimate rights and interests. Our Research and Design team rigorously established new technology and allocates special funds towards product development and support. Over our years as a company, we have applied for 7 technology patents; two for a PCT International Invention patent (AUDIT), 4 for registered trademarks, and 1 for application of a logo design. We consistently work towards achieving advanced system management experience through improving internal systems and processes. After three months of system governance, we achieved an ISO9001 International Quality Management System and an ISO14001 Environmental Quality Management System certification.

   Much like SteelSeries, Logitech and Razer Rantopad has also followed their own path so instead of the usual Cherry MX and Kailh models they've used their very own Gateron mechanical switches (rumor has it they developed them with Kailh). These switches have a lifespan of approximately 50 million actuations and currently the MXX tenkeyless mechanical gaming keyboard is available with Gateron Blue (50cN actuation force, tactile/clicky) and Red (45cN actuation force, linear) mechanical switches. The keyboard itself is a 87-key tenkeyless model housed inside a 5000 series magnesium aluminum alloy enclosure a high-quality and endurance material which we don't see used much (if at all) with keyboards. In terms of features it only offers backlit illumination for the keys, N-Key rollover, media keys (not dedicated ones) and a removable braided cable so if you're looking for something similar to the G410 Atlas Spectrum by Logitech this is not it.