25 - 02 - 2018
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COUGAR 700K Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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cougar 700ka

   Back in the day the only thing a keyboard manufacturer really had to do in order to have a best-selling model in its hands was to offer one with high durability and in some cases an ergonomic design as its two main selling points (take for example the very successful Natural Keyboard by Microsoft released back in the mid 90's). Today however things have changed a lot and so mainly because of the large increase in competition manufacturers have to offer much more than just good quality with their keyboards in order to attract buyers. The result we all know since the market is currently filled with keyboards featuring strange designs, slim designs, mechanical switches, new generation membrane switches, RGB key lightning, several macro keys, aluminum frames, detachable frames, LCD screens and in some cases even attached fans. Today on our test bench we have the latest flagship mechanical gaming keyboard by our friends over at COUGAR, the 700K.

   COUGAR products are designed by COUGAR GERMANY, a professional R&D engineering team and COUGAR is part of the “HEC/COMPUCASE” Group. The unique combination of the world-famous German skills of designing the best products worldwide and HEC/s power and long-time experience to produce the best high quality products created innovative masterpieces in PSU history. The PC upgrading and DIY market is changing rapidly and is growing more and more. Professional user are asking for more than only stable and silent PSU/s, they want efficient and energy saving products without compromises in quality. COUGAR GERMANY created such products! COUGAR GERMANY combines the features of innovation and evolution to create efficient, powerful and unique products like “COUGAR POWER”. The purpose of COUGAR GERMANY is the satisfaction of the customer, reaching it by creating most valuable, advanced products. COUGAR – YOUR POWER!

   Just like with the very good 700M gaming mouse which we had with us a while back the 700K mechanical gaming keyboard by COUGAR aims towards serious and even professional gamers who want nothing less than the best gaming peripherals available in the market. To that end COUGAR has given the 700K numerous impressive features such as Cherry MX mechanical switches, built-in 32bit ARM Cortex-M0 processor, aluminum frame, repeat rate adjustment, 6 programmable G-keys, removable FPS palm rest, individual key backlight, 3 different profiles, n-key rollover, audio jacks and a powered USB port. Strangely enough COUGAR didn't opt for the new RGB illuminated mechanical switches we see with some of the latest keyboards to hit the market (Corsair, Tesoro and Razer for example have released RGB mechanical keyboards) but at least for me and everyone else here that's not a really important feature (for us at least). So time to see whether or not the 700K mechanical gaming keyboard by COUGAR is just as good as their 700M gaming mouse.