23 - 11 - 2017
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Attitude One Sturmovik Gaming Keyboard Review

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   Whether you're a casual user, gamer, enthusiast or even a professional the keyboard and mouse are without doubt the two most crucial peripherals and that's why some of the very first PC peripheral manufacturers like Microsoft focused in further developing them long before switching to anything else. Since then manufacturers have not only altered the appearance of the keyboard quite a bit but they've also used new key technologies and have implemented several new and innovative features to increase productivity and help in other areas as well like gaming. However no matter what we've seen so far in the end the entire concept still remains the same (for good or bad). Now as you all know our reviews mostly focus on mechanical gaming keyboards since these are the "hot" peripheral for both gamers and professionals alike but since some of you have asked for mainstream keyboard reviews today we will be taking a look at the Sturmovik Gaming Keyboard by Attitude One.


   Attitude One was founded in USA in 2011. With many years of experience from the computer and gaming business we decided to start Attitude One. Thanks to our knowledge and our connections in the industry, we can offer products and technologies that are always top of the line. With our unique design and memorable product names our products spread throughout markets of the world.


   Especially for gamers (and historians in this case) the name Sturmovik is not something new since that was the name of perhaps the most successful ground attack airplane manufactured by the Soviet Union in WWII. As a matter of fact that airplane (IL-2) gathered enough achievements during WWII that Ubisoft launched a game (flight simulator) for it back in 2001 followed by a sequel and several other titles featuring it. The reason i got quite in detail about the name is because i too used to play IL-2 Sturmovik a lot when it got launched and although it's been roughly 5 years since i had anything to do with a simulator featuring that particular aircraft it was very nice to see a peripheral with its name on it. Whether or not however this relatively small keyboard has what it takes to live up to the name Sturmovik is something that we will see later on.


Posted: 3 years 9 months ago by najiro #1364
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Gaming keyboard? For me it's either mechanical or just go with generic/cheap ones. The feel matters more than how they look when you're really a typist IMHO. :)