21 - 11 - 2017
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Tesoro Durandal Ultimate Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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   Although the trend of our days demands from all the latest keyboards to feature Cherry MX mechanical switches/keys both Mad Catz and SteelSeries have proven beyond doubt that normal membrane keyboards are still alive and kicking. Now that i look back my first serious keyboard was the quite impressive (for its time) Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite back in late 1998 but it wasn't really until 2005 that i actually turned around and purchased my very first gaming keyboard the very innovative Logitech G15. Of course thanks to the massive differences and features it carried since then I’ve never used a normal keyboard again unless it was absolutely necessary (how many of you wish that laptops also had gaming keyboards attached?). Today we will be checking out yet another mechanical gaming keyboard that packs quite a few impressive features called the Durandal Ultimate manufactured by Tesoro.


   Tesoro Technology USA Inc, a team of U.S.A gaming enthusiasts. With the objective of designing unique products specially catered to the gamers. We focused on PC gaming and our mission is to create products with better design, increase and reach for peak performances. In the recent years the gaming industry has developed into the ultra-competitive market that we see today. While we are still a relatively young company, established in 2011. Tesoro will continue to strive for the best and continuously evaluate our performance against the very best of the best. Tesoro could not exist without the gaming community who inspire us to excel in the design and production of our award winning gear. As a gamers company, we will continues to expand into new horizons and push the limits further with each product unveiling. We Strive to develop innovative cutting edge computer gaming peripherals to help improve your gaming experience. We maximize our ability to meet the needs of the fast changing PC gaming industry.


   The Durandal Ultimate (G1NL) is currently available in 4 different versions each featuring different Cherry MX mechanical keys (Red/Blue/Brown/Black) so we are actually starting off great since Tesoro has immediately covered pretty much every potential customer out there regardless of what switch type the may want (we got the MX black version). Other features include keyboard backlit illumination with 4 different levels (and on/off), Full N-Key Rollover (USB), 2 USB 2.0 ports, headphones and microphone ports and 5 profiles stored on the 128kb onboard memory. As a matter of fact as you will see later on the Durandal Ultimate has by far the strongest key illumination we've ever see with a mechanical keyboard so this is definitely something many people will love about it. Unfortunately due to a mix-up in the warehouse our sample arrived without the wrist rest so since it would take too long for Tesoro to dispatch it we chose to proceed with this review without it (thus we will not be making any comments about it). So let's see what the very first mechanical keyboard we got our hands on from Tesoro has to offer.