23 - 10 - 2017
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Logitech k310 Washable Keyboard Review

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   How many times have you accidentally spilled water or soda on your precious keyboard? Well i can't speak on behalf of everyone out there but it has happened to me more than just once and unfortunately most keyboards out there if not all of them offer nothing to counter the effects of something like that. So if you are lucky enough to just spill water on your keyboard chances are that it will still keep working after you dry it but if you are unlucky enough to spill soda then ingredients like sugar and citric acid will definitely ruin it or at the very least put you through lots of trouble cleaning it. Well with the latest k310 washable keyboard Logitech just might have the ideal solution to such incidents and naturally we just had to take it for a spin.


   Logitech was founded in 1981 at Apples, Switzerland and the first device they conjured was the mouse which provided a more intuitive way of interacting with computers. Since those early days they have expanded their expertise in product design beyond the computer mouse, with a broad portfolio of interface devices that are the “last inch” between you and your computer or your console game, digital music or home-entertainment system. With products sold in almost every country in the world, Logitech’s leadership in innovation now encompasses a wide variety of personal peripherals (both cordless and corded), with special emphasis on products for PC navigation, gaming, Internet communications, digital music and home-entertainment control. For each of their product categories they study how our customers use their digital devices and their our designers and engineers set their sights on how they can create a better experience with those devices – richer, more comfortable, more fun, more productive, more convenient, more delightful. Focused on innovation and quality, Logitech designs personal peripherals to help people enjoy a better experience with the digital world.


   If you are looking around for an impressive feature-rich gaming keyboard then just by looking at the k310 washable keyboard you can easily see that it's certainly not the one you're looking for since it just looks like yet another one of the countless mini keyboards that are available in the market today mainly for HTPC use with sole difference being that it's wired and as the name clearly states water proof (up to 30cm) thanks to Logitechs new rubberdome key technology. Of course the water-proof feature can come in very handy and i bet that it's something we've all wished our gaming keyboards had i know i have on many occasions and that's also why i would expect Logitech to release a gaming keyboard with that feature. However the k310 Washable Keyboard might just be the start of that trend and our main goal in this review is to see exactly how durable and water proof it really is.