25 - 02 - 2018
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SteelSeries Arctis 7 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Headset Review

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   Due to severe time restrictions we may not be as much into gaming as we used to but that doesn't mean we've given up our search for the best gaming headset in the market (nor for the best gaming peripherals in general). Now as many of you are aware for good or bad gaming peripherals haven't really advanced that much over these past few years and the same certainly applies to gaming headsets. Sure some manufacturers have added/introduced new features such as RGB lighting, earcup vibration and compatibility with PCs, consoles and even Bluetooth capable devices like smartphones and tablets but when it comes to audio quality little (if anything) has changed. The Arctis 7 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Headset is currently the second highest-end model in the entire SteelSeries line (only second to their Flagship Siberia 840 - the Siberia 800 is pretty much EOL by now) and after testing the quite good Arctis 3 a while back we were too curious to check the wireless version.

   SteelSeries has fueled the gaming industry by creating innovative new products, designed specifically for eSports and passionate gamers everywhere. Here at SteelSeries, we are obsessed with “firsts”. Dating back to 2001, our company was formed to meet the surface needs of hardcore gamers by introducing the first glass mousepad, the Icemat. Since that original innovation, we created the first mechanical gaming keyboard, the first suspended headband for gaming headsets, the first World of Warcraft mouse and endless other innovations. SteelSeries is dedicated to building products that push professional gaming further than anyone dreamed. Those innovations make gaming more competitive and more fun for gamers everywhere.

   The Arctis 7 uses the same S1 40mm neodymium stereo drivers (frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz with 98dB sensitivity and 32Ohm impedance) found in the Siberia 840 so SteelSeries makes it clear right from the start that this headset has nothing to be jealous from their flagship model, at least when it comes to audio quality. These drivers also support Headphone X the latest technology by DTS (only available for Wireless PC connection via the Engine 3 software) that simulates the 3D environment of the audio’s original mixing stage thus producing results the way the artist intended. The Arctis 7 also uses the same bidirectional noise cancelling retractable microphone found in the Arctis 5 (SteelSeries calls it the ClearCast) and has a frequency response of 100Hz-100KHz with -48dB sensitivity and 2200Ohm impedance (strangely enough the one used in the Arctis 3 has a different frequency response). Also thanks to a external 2.4GHz USB transmitter the Arctis 7 has a wireless range of up to 12 meters (40 feet) so you don't have to worry about cable length while using the headset (unfortunately unlike the Siberia 840 it's not Bluetooth compatible).