20 - 01 - 2018
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SteelSeries Siberia 650 Gaming Headset Review

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   When it comes to audio quality audiophiles are miles apart compared to gamers since the first are always looking for accuracy, clarity and depth while the second are always after the best possible positioning audio (virtual or real surround) and bass levels so they can enjoy playing their favorite games and why not even get the edge against their multiplayer competition. Gamers also usually value comfort a little bit more compared to audiophiles since they are required to use a headset for many hours at a time so that too is a small difference between these two target groups. SteelSeries has been catering to the needs of gamers since the very first day in the market but lately they've taken things a step further with their latest product lines both in terms of quality and features. The Siberia 650 is currently their top of the line gaming headset and after almost 2 full weeks of testing we are ready to post our thorough review.

   SteelSeries is a gaming brand that leads the market in building peripherals with quality, innovation and purpose. The company’s passion has been the driving force behind many first-to-market innovations and technologies that continue to become the industry standard and have-to-have requirements of gamers. The global brand continues to support the growth of competitive gaming tournaments and electronic sports leagues through professional team sponsorships, partnerships and community support. The company surrounds itself with the passion and the commitment to being the best. It is with this mentality that SteelSeries chooses to partner with some of world’s most respected and recognized brands that work together to push the growth and evolution of the gaming industry into an even greater proposition.

   The Siberia 650 gaming headset is yet another update of the excellent Siberia Elite (which made its debut roughly 3 years ago) so once again SteelSeries has used two large 50mm neodymium drivers and a USB soundcard (luckily not build-in so you can use it if you want) to produce virtual Dolby 7.1 surround sound. These drivers feature a very wide frequency range/response of 16Hz-28KHz (just like the original Elite) with 120dB sensitivity (same as the Elite Prism) and 32Ohm impedance. We also find a retractable unidirectional microphone that features noise cancelling technology and a frequency response of 100Hz-10KHz with 2.2kOhm impedance and -44dB sensitivity (again different compared to the Elite but same as the Prism). After checking out the entire specs sheet it really seems like SteelSeries renamed the Prism to Siberia 650 and although that's not really a bad thing (after all the Prism is still considered to be among the top gaming headsets in the market) let's check it out.