18 - 10 - 2017
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SteelSeries H Wireless Gaming Headset Review

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   From basic, advanced and audiophile grade stereo models up to virtual and real 5.1/7.1 surround models the market has an abundance of headsets designed to cover the needs of every consumer out there. However strangely enough although there's a massive number of wired headsets available from a huge list of companies i can't really say the same about wireless models and with just a couple of exceptions the very few available ones currently are far from what a gamer would ever like to have on his desk. SteelSeries has been in the design and manufacture of gaming headsets for over a decade now and although they are well aware of what gamers are after in terms of audio clarity, positioning audio, build quality and design they never did believe in wireless connectivity, until now that is. Today we have their flagship headset model which just might be their best headset to date the H Wireless Gaming Headset.


   From day one, SteelSeries has been focused on making professional gaming gear that provide meaningful benefits to gamers of all skill-level, with the most demanding being those gamers whose lively hood depends on the performance of our products. We believe, as most gamers do, in winning, not trying! What originally began as a small two-person operation in Copenhagen back in 2001 has become a global leader in professional gaming products. SteelSeries recognized the need for superior, high-quality professional gaming gear that would give players a competitive edge. Fast-forward to today, and we've come a long way since our first glass mousepad. We have global offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, providing an integrated portfolio of products designed specifically for gaming. Fueling our growth is you, the gamer!


   As clearly stated by the name the H Wireless is part of the H family of gaming headsets by SteelSeries so you shouldn't be surprised when you see several aesthetical similarities with the 9H model. However similarities between these two models extend to the interior as well and so once again we see that SteelSeries has chosen to use two 40mm stereo neodymium drivers featuring a frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz (they fall a bit short to the 20Hz-28KHz of the 9H) and 7.1 Dolby Pro Logic IIX/Dolby Digital virtual surround sound. The H Wireless also features a unidirectional retractable microphone with a frequency response of 100Hz-10KHz (also seems to fall a bit short to the 50Hz-16KHz of the one used in the 9H). What sets the H Wireless apart from the rest of the H line of gaming headsets however is obviously its wireless feature which thanks to the unique bundled transmitter can extend up to a full 12 meters and for up to 20 hours with each of the two bundled Lithium-Ion rechargeable 1000mAh batteries (this has always been a problem with most wireless headsets so it's nice to see that SteelSeries took an entirely different path). So on paper although not perfect the new H Wireless seems to be quite unique and it's once again up to us to see if that's the case.