24 - 11 - 2017
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TRITTON PRO+ True 5.1 Surround Headset Review

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   No matter how many times I’ve worn a headset either for regular use while at home or on the go or for test purposes i still can't say that i like the feeling (always compared to speaker systems) but i do recognize that it’s a necessary technology with more pros than cons. However that being said with so many 5.1 and 7.1 virtual surround sound headset models swarming the market it's not very easy to locate one that makes use more than just the two typical drivers found in stereo models (many people may not even know of their existence). Quite a few manufacturers have tried their luck with "real" surround sound headsets but just a handful have actually managed to win the crowds with their superior positioning audio and quality. TRITTON is amongst those brands (perhaps the oldest one still around that focuses solely in the manufacture of gaming headsets) and today we will be taking a very thorough look on their latest PRO+ True 5.1 Surround Headset.


   TRITTON was founded in 2000 and has since evolved and transformed into a brand that is recognized worldwide. Best known for our critically acclaimed high performance gaming Headsets and USB External Video Card Technology. In 2010, TRITTON was acquired by Mad Catz Interactive. The TRITTON brand has focused extensively on developing industry leading headsets for all gaming platforms including an exclusive range for the Xbox 360. TRITTON performance headsets are available globally. TRITTON is focused on developing, manufacturing, and bringing to market high-performance gaming headsets and audio peripherals. Striving to create innovative and reliable products with cutting edge technology, the TRITTON is the brand of choice for professional and casual gamers worldwide.


   Roughly three years ago i received the updated version of the AX Pro real 5.1 surround headset by TRITTON which featured 4 drivers in each earcup to produce the closest thing to accurate positioning audio. It was a truly amazing headset and since it corrected several of the "errors" TRITTON had made with the original AX Pro (better amp design and less cables) it rightfully earned a place on my desk (still use it from time to time). Well the new PRO+ is the successor to the award winning AX Pro headset and since it's basically a tuned/improved version of an already great headset i couldn't wait to get my hands on it. o once again we find 4 neodymium drivers in each earcup (front/center/rear/sub), an external digital/analog amplifier with support for Dolby Digital Pro Logic II, removable microphone and an in-line volume/EQ controller. This time over however TRITTON has redesigned the headset for increased comfort and they've also used a bendable microphone that can actually stay where you want it compared to its predecessor. In a market filled with "virtual" surround headsets however is the latest PRO+ good enough to make a difference?


Posted: 3 years 9 months ago by grayhoose #1362
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wow, was expecting something over $200 dollars wise, great deal.