23 - 10 - 2017
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Attitude One Tunguska 7.1 Virtual Surround USB Gaming Headset Review

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   Well it seems that we've enjoyed more PC game titles inside November than the entire 2013 and so as mentioned a few weeks ago we decided to take advantage of that in order to test some of the game peripherals we have here. Now normally it takes us around a week to test a game related peripheral but that applies only when there aren't really many games for us to play and so for example i usually mostly focus on Planetside 2 while the others play Metro Last Light and Fallout 3 along with all its expansions. This month however things are different since not only did i have time to finish Call Of Duty Ghosts, X-Com Enemy Within and Batman Origins but I’m still playing Battlefield 4 and X: Rebirth (until the Alpha of Star Citizen/Squadron 42 by Chris Roberts gets available this is the best alternative) so I’ve actually managed to use quite a few game peripherals. One of those is the latest Tunguska 7.1 Virtual Surround USB Gaming Headset by a rather new company called Attitude One.


   Attitude One was founded in USA in 2011. With many years of experience from the computer and gaming business we decided to start Attitude One. Thanks to our knowledge and our connections in the industry, we can offer products and technologies that are always top of the line. With our unique design and memorable product names our products spread throughout markets of the world.


   Manufacturing a headset is not really something hard nowadays since in a nutshell you just need to pick the size of the drivers (usually 40-50mm ones), audio configuration (Stereo-"real" Surround), type of microphone (omnidirectional-noise cancelling) and finally decide whether or not you want to pair it with a USB soundcard to give it the virtual surround feature (used with stereo configuration). Well it seems that for the Tunguska 7.1 Attitude One decided to follow a much used path by combining two 40mm drivers (stereo) featuring a frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz, 32Ohm Impendence and 111dB (-+3) sensitivity with an omnidirectional microphone (50Hz-5kHz/54dB +-3) and a USB soundcard (virtual surround) so nothing really new here. However leaving out the specifications we were very pleased with the design of the headset and after using it for 4 full days i can say that the Tunguska 7.1 Virtual Surround USB Gaming Headset is not just looks.