21 - 01 - 2018
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Nitro Concepts E220 EVO Gaming Chair Review

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   Lately it seems that slowly but steadily gaming chairs are taking over the gaming peripherals market and so it's not really a surprise that more and more manufacturers want to win a piece/chunk of this market by releasing their very own models. Now as we've stated in previous reviews the majority of those companies is actually just using rebranded OEM models so you can expect to see many nearly "identical" models in the market with colors and brand logos as their many differences. Still what truly matters in the end is not which manufacturer (OEM or not) is behind a certain gaming chair but whether or not that specific model is worth your hard earned money and that's pretty much why we're here. Nitro Concepts only produces gaming chairs (at least to date) and with us today we have their flagship (yet affordable) E220 EVO Model.

   The Nitro Concepts team consists of experienced veterans from the textile industry, who are all avid gamers at the same time. We have banded together at the end of 2015 in our aspiration to create innovative high-quality, yet affordable gaming products for every day home use, office use and professional eSports alike. Thanks to our profound know-how and deep industry ties, we are in the unique position to develop relaxing gaming chairs from choice materials with intriguing characteristics. We have listened closely to user feedback for years and are committed to deliver exactly those gaming chairs to the market that gamers crave for, while maintaining an excellent price-performance-ratio. Our clear focus on smart ergonomics, stylish design and user-friendly functionality enables gamers around the world to unleash their full skill potential. The lauded comfort of each Nitro Concepts gaming chair lets you fully concentrate on the gameplay at hand without any undesired distractions. For individualization, every Nitro Concepts chair is always available in sundry color variants.

   Nitro Concepts currently offers a total of 32 gaming chair models in 5 gaming lines (EVO/RACE/PURE/COMFORT/MOTION) with the E220 EVO placed at the top. Still although Nitro Concepts probably has you covered when it comes to design (mainly because of their numerous color combinations) the same is not entirely accurate when it comes to features/specifications since even the E220 EVO line falls somewhat short when compared to some other models we've seen recently. That being said the E220 EVO is dressed in vegan PU faux leather (currently available in 7 color combinations) and features a durable steel frame, two areas covered with breathable soft fabric (backrest and seat), class-4 gaslift (up to 120Kg for the user), height adjustable seat (48-57cm), Nylon/Polyurethane 50mm casters and rocking function of up to 15 degrees. We don't have a specific number in regards to foam padding density but after sitting in it for roughly 10 days I’d say it's somewhere around 50-55Kg/M3.