21 - 01 - 2018
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Tt eSPORTS X COMFORT (XC500) Gaming Chair Review

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   Lately many of you have been asking us whether or not owning a gaming chair is worth it or if these products are just cheap Chinese models that offer nothing more and at the same time cost a lot more than similar products found at IKEA and other places. There are obvious differences in quality, features and design between the models we find at IKEA and the majority of the gaming chairs we've reviewed to date and although we do feel that some of them are indeed overpriced and probably even manufactured in the same factory (OEM) we simply can't put them in the same league. Now as many of you know pretty much every single gaming peripherals manufacturer has released their very own gaming chair and Tt eSPORTS is no exception since they unveiled their full line (comprising from a total of 8 models - for now at least) a few months back. Today we decided to start by testing their top of the line X COMFORT (XC500) model and slowly take it from there.

   A division of Thermaltake Gaming, Tt eSPORTS is committed to bringing the most personalized and the highest quality gear for the most competitive cyber battles, and advances the idea of products designed by gamers for gamers. Tt eSPORTS has continually been a major driving force in inspiring, challenging, and taking to new heights eSports in the professional gaming industry; and currently sponsors a multitude of gaming teams and streamers from around the world by equipping them with the necessary gaming gears - keyboards, headsets, mice and accessories - to compete and succeed at the highest level at major eSport events such as: DreamHack, Insomnia, epic.LAN and the Intel Extreme Masters. Tt eSPORTS continually strives to promote eSports as a global phenomenon and to put it onto the world stage.

   Since the X COMFORT (XC500) is the flagship gaming chair by Tt eSPORTS you can expect everything we've seen to date from similarly ranked models (like for example the PROX). For good or bad (depends on what you prefer i guess) much like 95% of the gaming chairs out in the market today the X COMFORT is dressed in faux leather (PVC) and not real one but other than that it lacks nothing else in terms of features. So the X COMFORT features a steel frame for improved durability (22mm thick steel), 75Kg/M3 foam density (we usually see numbers up to 60Kg/M3), class-4 gaslift (supports up to 150Kg - upper chair body included), 75mm caster wheels (usually we see up to 65mm ones), 4D armrests (adjustable height, orientation, position and distance from the chair), 5-star aluminium base, height adjustable seat (48cm-58cm), removable neck and back pillows, backrest adjustment (up to 160 degrees) and up to 14 degrees tilt function. Well it seems that Tt eSPORTS offers something we don't see every day with the X COMFORT so let's take a look and see if that's really the case.