22 - 10 - 2017
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ThunderX3 TGC40 Series Gaming Chair Review

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thunderx3 tgc40a   When gaming chairs made their first steps in the market a few years back from a very small number of manufacturers most of my friends and even a few industry contacts thought this was just a passing trend. Today their popularity has reached such high levels that there's not even a single gaming peripherals manufacturer that hasn't got at least one (or has no plans to introduce one) in their product catalog. As a matter of fact if you visit any online store that deals in gaming peripherals chances are you will find dozens of models ranging from basic affordable ones and all the way up to some expensive ones that even rival the quality, comfort and support (back and neck) of professional ergonomic chairs. What really makes gaming chairs unique however is their special design and the latest TGC40 model by ThunderX3 which is with us here today seems to do extremely well in that area.

   ThunderX3 project does not start from zero! We were born from within Aerocool Advanced Technologies Corp. A leading International Company with more than 14 years expertise developing the most exciting High-Technology, DIY and Gaming Products. ThunderX3 Team is proud of having this Great Company Background and this give us All the power, the knowledge and the support needed to succeed in all our ambitious plans.

   Unlike the entry-level TGC20 model which we reviewed a couple of weeks ago the TGC40 (available in black/red, black/orange, black/white, black/blue and all black) is currently the flagship gaming chair by ThunderX3 which means you're getting much more for your money in terms of features and build quality. So the TGC40 features a metal frame for the backrest, class-4 gaslift with support of up to 150Kg (backrest included), high-density injection-molded foam padding, high-quality flame retardant PU leather (synthetic) cover, 4 directional adjustable armrests (height/position/orientation), backrest adjustment (up to 180 degrees) and the somewhat classic tilt/rocking (up to 18 degrees) and height adjustment functions we find with most desk chairs (usually however with less degrees). Also compared to the TGC20 the TGC40 with its extra foam padding, larger base and slightly taller backrest should be more ideal for larger/taller people.