21 - 10 - 2017
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AK Racing PRO X Gaming Chair Review

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    I weigh almost 85 kilos and measure 1.82cm in height so I’m not what you’d call a large person and probably because of that even though the ProX gaming chair is quite a bit more comfortable compared to every single model we’ve received by AK Racing I still like the Nitro more. This is not due only to its looks but also because it resembles a bucket car seat more (thus it “hugs” your body better) than the others and also because it shares the same lift mechanism. Actually I don’t know why AK Racing hasn’t used different lift mechanisms with their chairs like other manufacturers do (perhaps it’s not really needed so i can't call this a drawback but it would certainly differentiate their models more and perhaps even attract more potential buyers) but that’s also one more reason as to why you don’t really need to spend more than the Nitro if you don’t want/need a larger chair. The 3D armrests are a nice addition to the ProX but honestly I only used them once during the 12 days I had that particular chair in front of my primary test rig.


    Price is set high for the ProX model mainly due to its larger size compared to pretty much every other model AK Racing has in its product line. To be more specific the ProX will set you back 395Euros plus shipping from the official AK Racing online store in the EU and that’s pretty much its sole drawback (ok that and its size since it may not fit easily everywhere). Unfortunately this particular model is not widely available inside the USA (if at all since I was unable to find it) so we don’t currently have a price tag which we can share with you (sorry all). With that out of the way if you’re searching for a larger gaming chair than what’s mostly available in the market (if not you may want to go with the Nitro model instead) manufactured with very good materials and you don’t mind paying extra for it then you should really give the ProX a chance and since it’s clearly the most comfortable gaming chair to reach our lab to date it gets our Golden Award.



- Very Good Build Quality (Synthetic Leather / Steel Frame)
- Design (Racing Car Seat)
- Size (Largest Gaming Chair To Reach Our Lab To Date)
- Very Comfortable
- Features (Adjustable Backrest / 3D Adjustable Armrests / 12 Degrees Tilt Function / 180 Degrees Backrest Adjustment)
- Head & Lower-Back Removable Pillows
- Available Colors



- Price (For Some)
- Current USA Availability
- Armrests (Could Use More Padding)