20 - 01 - 2018
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AK Racing PRO X Gaming Chair Review

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   Although we spend roughly 1/3 of our lives in bed it's safe to assume that people working with computers (both at the office and at home) and serious gamers spend another 1/3 of their lives sitting in front of a computer screen. Unfortunately however we don't really pay much attention to where we sit on at least not until it's late and we start experiencing back problems and yes the same actually applies for me too since up until a couple of years ago i had no idea how much better "serious" ergonomic chairs are compared to regular desk chairs when you sit on them for several hours at a time. Gaming chairs have become extremely popular and that's really understandable since they combine (well at least the quality models do) the ergonomic traits one hopes to find in a good desk chair with the appearance and comfort of bucket car seats. Of course pretty much like everything else in this world not all gaming chairs are created equal and today we're taking a look at the current flagship model in the AK Racing line the Pro X.

   AK Racing is one of the world’s premier gaming chair manufacturers, producing the highest quality products that are available today. With a focus on ergonomics, design and functionality, AK Racing gaming chairs have quickly become the smart choice across the eSport scene. Our close ties with top eSports teams such as Team Dignitas have given us the leading edge in meeting the durability and comfort requirements of gaming professionals everywhere.

   The Pro X may be the current AK Racing flagship but leaving out its quite larger size which makes it ideal for people with large bodies (perhaps its strongest selling point) and the 3D adjustable armrests (left, right and 23-35cm in height) it actually shares many of the features found in the Premium V2, Nitro and Prime gaming chairs. So once again we see PU leather used for the cover (again as with most gaming chairs in the market today), steel frame for improved durability and life, removable neck and back pillows, class-4 gaslift (can lift up to 150Kg), 5-star base, height adjustable seat (42-50cm), backrest adjustment (180 degrees) and 12 degrees tilt function. As mentioned earlier the tall (96cm vs 94cm for the Premium V2 and 92cm for the Nitro and Prime models) and wide (59cm vs 58cm for the Premium V2, 50cm for the Nitro and 54cm for the Prime) backrest along with the large seat (44x54cm vs 37.5x56cm for the Premium V2 and 37x56cm for the Prime and Nitro models) are the two strong selling points of the Pro X so let's take a closer look and see for ourselves.