21 - 10 - 2017
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AK Racing PRO X Gaming Chair Review

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ak racing pro x 23t 
I still think i prefer the design of the Nitro but the Pro X is certainly a step up compared to the Premium V2 and Prime models.



ak racing pro x 24tak racing pro x 25t
Stitching may actually be better than the ones we saw with the other models but it's not really noticeable.



ak racing pro x 26tak racing pro x 27t
The company logo is once again placed at the top of the backrest while the line/series name is placed at the front of the seat.



ak racing pro x 28tak racing pro x 29tak racing pro x 30tak racing pro x 31tak racing pro x 32t
This time over the armrests are not only height adjustable allowing you to raise them from 23cm and all the way up to 35cm but they can also rotate left and right.



ak racing pro x 33tak racing pro x 34tak racing pro x 36tak racing pro x 37t
Mounting the two pillows is not hard the base one requires routing of two elastic bands while the top one has a single elastic band which goes around the top end of the back rest (the plastic piece was attached on the neck pillow so you can use it as seen above).



ak racing pro x 35t

I was a bit surprised to see that the company logo is also placed at the rear top of the backrest.



ak racing pro x 39t

The back rest drops a full 180 degrees (ok this picture it's more like 120 degrees) so yes you can probably take a quick nap on it too.



ak racing pro x 38t

Taking a look at the finished Pro X and i think it's very clear that this is the largest gaming chair to arrive in our lab, to date at least.