20 - 11 - 2017
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AK Racing Prime Gaming Chair Review

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akracing prime 23t

I really thought that fabric instead of synthetic PU leather would not look nice but as you can see it does (perhaps it doesn't look as "elegant" but it does look nice).



akracing prime 24takracing prime 25t
Just like the synthetic PU leather models stitching is once again perfect no matter which part of the chair you check out.



akracing prime 26takracing prime 27t
The armrests are fixed in position (some gaming chairs allow you to change their placement) but they are height adjustable so you can raise them from 27cm and all the way up to 34cm.



akracing prime 28t

The back rest drops a full 180 degrees (you can use that to rest a bit although i never figured out why manufacturers haven't placed feet rests too) and is also covered by fabric.



akracing prime 29t

Mounting the two pillows is not hard the base one requires routing of two elastic bands while the top one has a single elastic band which goes around the top end of the back rest (the plastic piece was attached on the neck pillow so you can use it as seen above).



akracing prime 30t

This is the final product and again although the colors may not be quite as "vibrant" as with synthetic PU leather covers i think they look good.