17 - 02 - 2018
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AK Racing Prime Gaming Chair Review

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   If you happen to have a cat or a dog (or more than just one) and you've been wanting to upgrade your old desk chair to one of the new and somewhat impressive gaming chairs taken right out of racing cars (well ok almost) then you probably know that these two don't mix well together. Personally i have 3 cats at home and although I’ve been testing gaming chairs at the lab for almost 2 years now i couldn't take one at my place cause i knew that my cats would tear its synthetic PU leather apart with their claws (already happened to 4 office chairs dressed with PU leather so i doubt one of these would be the exception). There's a really good chance that a gaming chair dressed with real leather would be harder for them to tear into (and real leather doesn't just peel off like synthetic PU leather) but honestly since not even my car seat (also dressed with real leather) made it unscathed when i had to take one of my cats to the vet without a cage i doubt a gaming chair would fare any better. So since synthetic and real leather were out of the question (sure i could always use thick seat covers but the end result would not be as ergonomic and good for my back) i started looking for a gaming chair dressed entirely (pay extra attention here since some models are dressed with both synthetic leather and fabric) out of fabric which i know is quite durable to my cats. Well after searching each gaming chair product page i came across the Prime model by AK Racing and today we'll be taking a closer look at its black and red variant.

   AK Racing is one of the world’s premier gaming chair manufacturers, producing the highest quality products that are available today. With a focus on ergonomics, design and functionality, AK Racing gaming chairs have quickly become the smart choice across the eSport scene. Our close ties with top eSports teams such as Team Dignitas have given us the leading edge in meeting the durability and comfort requirements of gaming professionals everywhere.

   The Prime Gaming Chair by AK Racing is basically identical to the Nitro model which we reviewed earlier this year (both in measurements and weight) but with just a couple of differences including the most important/obvious which is the fabric cover instead of synthetic PU leather (as with most gaming chairs in the market today). The Prime also features different design wheels and a slightly lower foam density for the seat but that's pretty much where their differences end since both chairs feature the same metal frame, neck and back pillows (again with fabric cover), class-4 gaslift (can lift up to 150Kg), 5-star black base, height adjustable armrests (27-34cm), seat height (42-50cm), backrest adjustment (180 degrees) and the same 12 degrees tilt function. So after comparing both the features and specifications sheets of both models it's not hard to realize that the Prime model is pretty much a Nitro Gaming Chair but with a fabric cover instead of synthetic PU leather and it's up to us to see just how much this changes things.