22 - 02 - 2018
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AK RACING Nitro Gaming Chair Review

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   It's somewhat strange when you think about it but although people spend all their hard earned money on the best hardware components and gaming peripherals they can afford not many realize that in order to use and enjoy all those things you need to be sited. Sure many look for a good desk chair which can provide them with adequate support and comfort but if i judge even by my standards (have purchased 5 desk chairs in the last 8 years) these chairs are pretty much always designed for office use and never really good enough for long periods of gaming. The problem up until this day however was that no manufactured focused on the needs gamers have and although i know people who have spent large amounts of money to get ergonomic desk chairs (200-400Eur range) the end result didn't change that much. The gaming industry however evolves all the time (now more than ever thanks to the increasing popularity of eSports) and so lately we've seen quite a few manufacturers release gaming chairs based on sports car seats very similar to those bucket seats used in racing cars. AK Racing is perhaps the most popular such manufacturer in the market today and today we're going to find out why since under our scope we have their Nitro Gaming Chair.

   AK Racing are one of the world’s premier gaming chair manufacturers, producing the highest quality products that are available today. With a focus on ergonomics, design and functionality, AK Racing gaming chairs have quickly become the smart choice across the eSport scene. Our close ties with top eSports teams such as Team Dignitas have given us the leading edge in meeting the durability and comfort requirements of gaming professionals everywhere.

   The Nitro Gaming Chair represents the mid-end line produced by AK Racing and aside the red/black color combination we have here it's also available in blue/black, green/black, orange/black and white/black (check our conclusion page for more). This is a good start since aside the large selection of gaming chairs AK Racing does a great job in offering various color combinations to cover most if not all gamers out there. As mentioned already the Nitro Gaming Chair looks a lot like the one used in sports and racing cars but unlike those it features significantly more padding (plus two pillows) since increased comfort (and not keeping you in place when taking quick turns) is the primary goal. Of course that doesn't mean the seat is not durable since thanks to its metal frame and class-4 gaslift it should last for many years to come (certainly many more compared to most desk chairs). Also the mechanism used in the Nitro Gaming Chair allows the user/gamer to adjust the height, backrest position and tilt the chair backwards by up to 12 degrees. So what do you all say we take a closer look and see if this is really the dream chair for most gamers out there?