18 - 10 - 2017
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Kingston HyperX Savage 128GB USB 3.1 Gen 1 Flash Drive Review

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   No matter how far back i look in the end i have to admit that things have never been better in the market for people who are dealing with massive amounts of data on daily basis weather because of their work or hobbies (me included). You see not only does the consumer base have access to massive 10TB hard disk drives now but it also has access to solid state drives with capacities way up to 4TB (8/16TB models have also been announced) and of course USB flash drives with capacities up to 1TB. Well if all of those weren't enough to validate my point of view USB 3.1 (Gen2) has just arrived to further improve things in the performance segment of the market. A couple of months ago the HyperX branch of Kingston announced their brand new Savage USB 3.1 Gen 1 flash drive which is here with us today.

   HyperX is the high-performance product division of Kingston Technology, the world’s largest independent memory manufacturer. Started in 2002, HyperX began with one line of high-performance memory and has grown over the years to encompass multiple product lines of memory modules, solid-state drives, USB Flash drives, headsets and mouse pads. Featuring best-in-class components that deliver superior performance, quality and aesthetic design for more than a decade, HyperX products are the choice of top-rated gamers, tech enthusiasts, and overclockers worldwide. From setting memory world records to achieving the most stringent product certifications, HyperX is committed to delivering reliable products with the highest performance standards. In addition, HyperX is the proud sponsor of more than 20 gaming teams globally and the main sponsor of Intel Extreme Masters and Dreamhack festivals. HyperX products are designed to meet the most rigorous demands of professional gamers to give them the winning edge and help gamers stay on top of their game.

   Before we continue with our review of the HyperX Savage 128GB USB 3.1 Gen 1 flash drive i feel we need to clear some things about USB 3.0 and USB 3.1. Now although it's true that USB 3.1 was released for good in 2015 and can achieve speeds of up to 10Gbps things are not as simple as they sound/look. The reason for that is a recent decision by the USB-IF organization which basically reclassifies/renames USB 3.0 devices capable of 5Gbps bandwidth (SuperSpeed) as USB 3.1 Gen 1 while the more advanced 10Gbps bandwidth (SuperSpeed+) devices are in fact USB 3.1 Gen 2. Now i haven't got the slightest clue as to the why the USB-IF organization decided to do such a thing especially since it will undoubtedly confuse many consumers but in the end all that matters is that they did. So with that out of the way the HyperX Savage line of USB 3.1 Gen1 flash drives (currently available in 64/128/256/512GB capacities) should be yet another high performance line of USB 3.0 flash drives (or is it now?).