23 - 11 - 2017
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Mach Xtreme MX-ES ULTRA 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review

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   Lately most storage media manufacturers focus in the production of USB 3.0 compatible flash drives that offer good performance levels and capacities at reasonable prices (targeting the main consumer base is the obviously thing to do). However i do miss the time when manufacturers would focus most of their resources in the design and manufacture of the fastest flash drives possible (remember the kind of performance the first dual and quad channel flash drives delivered?) aimed towards people who could really use the extra boost in performance. This is not to say that there aren't extremely fast USB 3.0 flash drives in the market as we speak but there's always room for improvement, in most cases anyways. The latest USB 3.0 compatible flash drive line released by Mach Xtreme Technology is called the MX-ES ULTRA (MXUB3SES) and promises read/write speeds of up to 200MB/s so as always we just had to take a closer look.

   Mach Xtreme Technology is a newly established Company since January 2010 constructed of a combination of elite professionals who have had years of exceptional exposure and involvement in the IT industry. Our dedicated team has expert knowledge covering all aspects of the IT industry and more specifically in development of innovative products along with aggressive marketing and effective distribution. MX-Technology achieves the highest performance possible through its continuous research & development which ensures rapid advancements of SSD, memory and Flash drives. MX-Technology enables their customers to achieve maximum efficiency with matching performance to make time spent on work more convenient and productive. MX-Technology is the first computer hardware company in the world to join force with renowned world class artist to generate unique and stylish representation of Mach Xtreme. The first artist to work with Mach Xtreme is a genius graffiti artist from Europe named "Does". MX-Technology through their full dedication and commitment, it's users will be able to continually enjoy the latest high performance products with ultimate reliability at a competitive price point.

   To achieve the advertised performance numbers Mach Xtreme is using single level cell (SLC) NAND flash technology (probably using a dual channel 8bit controller) with the MX-ES ULTRA line something which is not really the first time we see although multi-level cell NAND flash (MLC) is more widely used because its lower cost. Mach Xtreme also states that the MX-ES ULTRA line (much like the regular MX-ES one) is fully optimized for use with ASUS mainboards featuring USB 3.0 connectivity something which could be pointing to the improved standard ASUS is using with their mainboards to boost data transfers over USB 3.0 (ASUS Boost Technology). The only thing that might disappoint potential buyers is the very simple looks of the MX-ES ULTRA line (as with the MX-ES) but since we primarily care about performance let's move forward with our review.