21 - 01 - 2018
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Seagate IronWolf Pro 10TB SATA III HDD Review

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seagate ironwolf pro 10tba

   Different type of consumers rarely ever have anything in common but i think that's safe to say that regardless of whether or not you're a casual consumer, gamer, enthusiast or professional storage space is always an issue. Granted different types of consumers have different needs (for example most people i know are content with just 4TB whereas some professionals have at least 30TB worth of storage at home) but to date I’ve never seen anyone turn down extra storage capacity when they can find it for a good price. Right now the highest storage capacity hard disk drive available to general consumers is 10TB and although we still think this is not nearly enough to cover the needs of really demanding users still it's an obvious improvement over even the 8TB drives released less than 2 years ago. Seagate was the very first manufacturer to release a 10TB drive and today they have numerous models aimed towards every segment of the market including the recently released IronWolf Pro which we have here with us today.

   Founded in 1979, Seagate is the leading provider of hard drives and storage solutions. From the videos, music and documents we share with friends and family on social networks, to servers that form the backbone of enterprise data centers and cloud-based computing, to desktop and notebook computers that fuel our personal productivity, Seagate products help more people store, share and protect their valuable digital content. Seagate offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of hard disk drives, solid-state drives and solid-state hybrid drives. In addition, the company offers an extensive line of retail storage products for consumers and small businesses, along with data-recovery services for any brand of hard drive and digital media type. Seagate employs more than 50,000 people around the world.

   Just like the IronWolf was released to replace the NAS line of hard disk drives the IronWolf Pro was released to replace the Enterprise NAS line so these two lines are now the ones recommended by Seagate for use with NAS servers (up to 8 bay models for the first and 16 bay models for the 2nd). Currently the IronWolf Pro model is available in 2/4/6/8/10TB capacities and it actually packs some of the same features found in the "normal" IronWolf model such as their AgileArray technology (dual-plane balancing, RAID optimization, error recovery and advanced power management), Rotational Vibration (RV) mitigation (RV sensors which help maintain high performance in multi-drive NAS enclosures by reducing vibration) and Health Management which according to Seagate "can help avoid catastrophic data loss events by allowing IHM to analyse hundreds of parameters, recommending backup as needed" when used in compatible NAS servers by Synology and ASUSTOR (we do hope they also add QNAP on that list). These aside the IronWolf Pro line also supports Hot-Plug and is rated with an MTBF of 1.2 million hours (as opposed to the 1 million of the regular IronWolf line), 300TB per year endurance / workload rate limit (the IronWolf line has 180TB) and aside being covered with a 5 year warranty (3 for the IronWolf line) it's also backed by a standard two-year Seagate Rescue Data Recovery Service Plan (warranty that covers disasters such as floods, fires and even accidental damage). In terms of specifications the IronWolf Pro 10TB drive is also a 7 platter model that spins at 7200RPM (unlike the regular IronWolf line this applies to the entire IronWolf Pro line), has a total of 256MB cache (2/4TB models have 128MB) and features SATA 6Gb/s connectivity.