17 - 02 - 2018
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Be Quiet! SFX L Power 600W Power Supply Unit Review

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be quiet sfx l 600wa

   If you're looking to build a small mini-ITX or micro-ATX based system in all likelihood you will require three compact components including a low-profile CPU cooler, low-profile graphics card (unless you plan on using an intergrated one) and an SFX form factor power supply unit. Of course you can always build one such system in an midi-tower or one of the many cases out there which land right between mini-ITX/micro-ATX cases and midi-towers but if you plan on using a really compact PC case then there's really no way around it. Just over three years ago SFX form factor power supply units had very little to offer consumers (always compared to their full size cousins) but just like most things in the electronics industry today things have changed for the best so you can find some pretty feature-rich and powerful models in the market including the brand new SFX L Power 600W by be quiet!

   be quiet! is a premium brand of power supplies, PC cases and cooling solutions for desktop PCs. Consistently the leader in the German PC power supply market since 2007*, be quiet! is one of the most successful PSU brands in Europe. This enduring success is largely thanks to the typical German passion for quality and precision. All product conception, design and quality control is performed in Germany. German expertise is evident the moment an idea is born and throughout the entire design and production process. be quiet! never releases a product until it meets the highest expectations. All materials used – from the smallest screws to the metals in the cases – are tested to rigorous standards. That is why be quiet! power supplies, PC cases, CPU coolers and case fans are among the most silent, powerful and reliable on the market. Innovative engineering concepts coupled with an uncompromising choice of premium materials and world-class manufacturing quality make be quiet! second to none when it comes to noise reduction. With over ten years of experience, be quiet! are truly the quietness experts.

   The SFX L Power line by be quiet! currently includes two fully-modular SFX-L form factor models (500/600W) that feature 80 Plus Gold certification (electrical efficiency up to 92%), temperature controlled 120mm fan, flat power cables, strong single 12V rail (50A), support for multiple graphics cards (four 6+2 pin PCIe connectors for both models), active PFC, high quality Japanese capacitors, and a plethora of available electrical protections including OCP (over charge protection), OVP (over voltage protection), UVP (under voltage protection), SCP (short circuit protection), OPP (over power protection) and OTP (over temperature protection). Be quiet! also offers an SFX-L to ATX mounting bracket and covers the entire SFX-L Power line with a 3 year limited warranty.