20 - 02 - 2018
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FSP Hydro-G 750W Power Supply Unit Review

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fsp hydro g 750wa

   A good power supply unit may not be among the very first things people tend to look for when out in the market gathering components for a brand new system but it's without doubt extremely important (especially for gaming rigs) so when i see people who prefer to spend much on a good tower and just enough for a low-end PSU I’m just lost for words. I sometimes do offer my opinion to people when i happen to be present in such situations and most of them usually welcome my input but i don't really think that changes things nearly as much as our reviews do. Because of that you all know that we've done our best over the years to bring reviews of all the latest power supply units (more brands will be available soon) and we're doing that again today with the latest Hydro-G 750W model by our friends over at FSP.

   FSP Group is the 5th largest power supply vendor in the world. Since the company was established in 1993, our outstanding management team has drawn together our R&D expertise, our sizeable production capacity, outstanding product quality to consistently excel in this competitive marketplace. FSP group is a publicly traded company listed in the Taiwan stock exchange, symbol: 30.15.TW, with revenues exceeding over 600 million USD. FSP group provides OEM/ODM power conversion products and services to the majority of well-established manufacturers and is the leading volume supplier of desktop PC ATX power supplies. In recent years, FSP group has expanded its R&D and manufacturing capabilities to become one of the major power conversion supplier of power adapters, industrial PCs, servers, LCD/LED monitors, LCD/LED TVs, heavy duty industrial products (UPS), portable battery chargers, Uninterrupted Power Supply as well as providing off-the-shelf consumer products, partnering with many strategic manufacturers.

   The Hydro-G line of power supply units is the latest one to roll out from FSP and as many of you have probably figured out by now it's aimed primarily towards demanding gamers since not only is it fully modular (future proof really since you can swap the 24pin mainboard power cable for the new one if it ever comes to that) and has a single powerful rail (62.5A) but it's also 80 Plus Gold certified (over 90% efficiency). This line is currently available in 650/750/850W outputs and features active PFC, quiet 135mm PWM FDB (fluid dynamic bearing) fan complete with intelligent control system, Japanese heavy-duty capacitors, changeable side stickers, an assortment of industrial grade electrical protections (OCP,OVP,UVP,SCP,OPP,OTP) and is covered by a 5 year warranty. Certainly this is not the first time we've seen similar specifications and features even in previous models by FSP but the Hydro-G 750W is their latest model and it's up to us to see how it does.