23 - 01 - 2018
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Nanoxia CoolForce 1 Mid-Tower Review

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   Most people cherish complete silence when playing their favorite games or watching a movie so one of the very first things manufacturers in the PC industry turned their eyes towards was passive cooling. Of course we all know that didn't work out exactly as expected (Calyos and Streacom may change that if you're willing to have a PC case that also doubles as a CPU/GPU cooler) so the next best thing to reduce noise levels was for them to use noise-insulating material on the interior of PC cases. Now although this solution had a small drawback (reduced airflow levels with increased temperatures) it actually worked and so for the past 10 years or so we've seen numerous manufacturers use them in their models. Nanoxia is one of the first manufacturers to do so and today's review is about one of their latest Mid-Towers the CoolForce 1.

   Behind the name “Nanoxia”: stands a team of experienced German developers who are enthusiastically turning their innovative ideas into reality. High quality and especially sophisticated components at competitive prices are the primary goal of our work. We place a particular importance on ergonomic, low-noise components, which make working with the PC more enjoyable. Our focus is to offer PC cases that provide customers with unique technical features. Already our first PC case, the Deep Silence 1, which was launched in autumn 2012, was recognized by international reviewers worldwide with numerous awards. The innovative design and the exceptional quality let professionals and enthusiasts alike take notice. Likewise, the Deep Silence 2, which was released soon after, has received numerous awards from around the world. A complete series of silent case fans, as well as a broad range of high quality cables has since been added to the portfolio.

   Just like previous models by Nanoxia the CoolForce 1 mid-tower doesn't aim to impress with its looks but rather with its very good build quality and number of features. So leaving out the noise-dampening insulation material which Nanoxia has dressed the interior of both side panels it also features three easy-mount HDD racks (sleds), two 2.5" mounting trays, two 140mm intake fans, 120mm exhaust fan, 3-stage fan controller, two front LED strips and HDD cage mounting rails on the bottom (HDD cages are sold separately from Nanoxia). The CoolForce 1 also has enough room for ATX, micro-ATX and mini-ITX mainboards, 240/280mm radiator at the front (without the ODD bays), 240/280/360mm radiator (or three 120/140mm fans) at the top, graphics cards up to 285mm in length (425mm without the easy-mount HDD sleds), CPU coolers up to 165mm in height and power supply units of up to 200mm in length (roughly 290mm without the mounting rails). Let's dig deeper and see just what you should expect from the CoolForce 1 mid-tower by Nanoxia.