18 - 01 - 2018
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X2 Isolatic 6020 ATX Mid-Tower Review

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   Last week i was taking a look online at some complete gaming systems and i was very surprised to see that although there's a vast number of good looking PC cases in the market today some of those systems used very basic models both in terms of appearance and available features. Now i can't say that i understand the "logistics" behind such choices (i guess bulk cost has to do with that) but personally I’d never spend serious money to get a complete gaming system housed inside a dull/ordinary tower. With that out of the way as many of you already know the latest installment in the Mass Effect saga is due to be released any day now so when X2 asked us to review their rather old (2 years in the market already) yet good looking Isolatic 6020 ATX mid-tower PC case (which reminds us a lot of Mass Effect helmets) we couldn't say no.

   X2 is originated by a team of PC enthusiasts based in The Netherlands, the design heart of Europe. X2 redefines the true meaning of performance PC hardware. With our exceptional style coupled with genuine product quality X2 is irrefutably above and beyond the rest. X2 strives to surpass the needs of our peers with the satisfaction and our guarantee of reliability, compatibility and consistency in our products. Our mission is to provide the highest endeavor of performance while obtaining top-quality levels in all our products.

   Because of its ultra-modern (sci-fi is more like it) looks the Isolatic 6020 ATX mid-tower PC case (X2-6020O-CE/R-2U3) by X2 is primarily aimed towards gamers and is also currently available in 6 different color combinations (all black and black with white, red, green, blue and orange). The case also features a clear acrylic side panel, top fan controller (on/off and speed controls), two 5.25" drive bays and a single 1.44" floppy disk drive bay. In terms of interior space the Isolatic 6020 has enough room for up to three 3.5" (4 if you place one in the 1.44" FDD bay) and one 2.5" drives, five 120mm fans (comes with only the rear 120mm fan pre-installed) and or two 240mm radiators, 370mm long graphics cards and 170mm tall CPU coolers. So the Isolatic 6020 may not offer something exciting in terms of available features and specifications but let’s take a closer look and see if it's worth spending your money on it.